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  1. On the 27th Sept we replaced 6 non-leaking but jumpy Goodyear tires on our Alfa SeeYa with Michelins thru FMCA Michelin Advantage in Hickory NC. All tires have Equal which was recommended and 100 psi. We experienced a less rough ride and 70 miles later in Gaffney SC we found the outside dual was totally out of air. Problem was the Equal was on the rim and caused a large leak, causing a somewhat rough ride. This morning at least 2 tires were at 85 psi at Freightliner. They do not appear to recommend Equal and prefer balancing weights. I will see what to do after it is finished in the shop today and may revisit the tire shop. I have had past problems of leaks which required daily pressure monitoring which had a lot to do with extensions. Borg tire stems cured that problem.
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