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  1. I have had my radiator replaced and it was ordered from Radiator Supply House 4 years age for my 06 Country Coach shipped to Quinn Cat in Calif. Total cost $5400 https://radiatorsupplyhouse.com/products/motorhomes-rv/ My daughter just had there radiator replaced and they have an 05 Monaco. They called Jim at Source Engineering then they called Supply House and there price was a lot less even having it shipped to Fairbanks, Alaska by a few hundred. Both places had to build the radiator. Just call around for the best price. http://sourcerv.com Jim has installed the wax valve and comfort ride valves on my coach. 2 stroker
  2. I will never see 10 or 12mpg in my 40' CC. I had an oil pressure problem 130psi at a cold start on my C-9 400 Cat, now with a reman oil pump back to factory speck 87psi. I get 6.5mpg pulling a 2011 Ford Edge, runs a lot better after the flash. Studebrucer, I would look at a 36' coach with 4 slides, one thing nice about CC they have a side radiator when you open up the back you see the motor not just a radiator. 2 stroker
  3. I just had my ECM flashed at the Cat shop in Portland (06 Country Coach)and they had the same coach in for repairs. The Mechanic said, if you have to work on the top side of the motor (where the ECM is) you have to remove the bed with frame to get to the motor. The up side, maybe 10 to 12 mpg. Look to see how EZ the coach is to work on, because at $140hr it does't take long to rack up a good bill. I think that would be a weekend coach, maybe a week. I would look for a 36' 2 stroker
  4. I have 3 oil pressure sensors. Could not see the third sender I have all the books and it only shows 2 sender and I replaced the one I thought went to the ECM. I went to Peterson on Monday and showed the same guy that I worked with on my oil pump, about 2hrs of his time and I showed him the sender I changed and he said that is not a Cat sender.So he got on the PC and gave me all the info I needed, O rings and sender so I installed everything today, ran for about 1 hour so far it looks good. Will take it on a run in the morning, about 50 miles. I think it will be OK. Will be taking it in on Friday to have the ECM updated, said it would take about 2hrs. 2 stroker
  5. It is a 2006 Country Coach Inspire and it has a dead bolt lock. It looks just like the one I posted and you can see the bolt at the top. 2 stroker
  6. Your coach has a side radiator and a Sourer-Danfoss hydraulic fan drive that sometimes fail in the full on but has been known to fail with no speed to it for cooling. Mine was getting to the point where I could hardly hear it and my coolant temp were going up and I have a new Brass and Steel radiator in a 2006 Country Coach with a C 9. I had the wax valve installed and made a big difference in cooling, now I run 197deg down to 170deg from a high of 210deg and boy can I hear the fan when it come on. This is what the wax valve looks like http://sourcerv.com/conversion 2 stroker
  7. A few months back I got a new oil pump installed at Peterson Cat in Portland to fix my high oil pressure at startup of 130psi down to 87psi, that part works great. I had another problem just before that where the oil pressure would jump to 86psi on my Silverleaf and 40psi on the dash gauge then it would go all over the place (silverleaf only) down to Opsi sometimes so I changed out the oil sender to the ECM, 3 wire setup. I thought I had fixed the problem. 2 weeks ago we headed to Steamboat Rock State Park a 800mi round trip and about 30mi out my Silverleaf started to do the same thing, oil pressure all over the place so I pulled over and turn it off for a minute then started, everything was good for the rest of the trip there. When we started home about 20 minutes later my oil pressure went to O the the Stop and Check Engine light came on and started to defuel then would go to 3psi or so then start to go again so I found a place to pull over then it died but the dash oil pressure was reading 20psi when it died. Restarted and took about 5 minutes setting there with the lights going on and off then it started to look better and I got back on the road. Drove 300mi no problems running 47 to 50psi on both gauges. I think there is a problem with the ECM, what do you think. 2 stroker
  8. That is a great system, one of the guys on Powerstroke. org installed that system, worked great. I did some looking and you tubing last night and came across a test of Archoil and Turbo Max, have you seen it. https://www.amazon.com/Turbo-Maxx-powerstroke-stiction-stopper/dp/B019QOJHLI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504155400&sr=8-1&keywords=turbo+maxx+oil+additive Have you seen it, interesting.
  9. Rich No it has a dead bolt. t is just like the one in the link I post. I called the company and they said I need the 5 number code, but I can't get the spring off to remove the inside latch. I am think of calling Dave Root, he has resealed all my window but not the door window to get an idea what I have to do. Thanks for the comeback.
  10. My 6.0 runs great. added a coolant filter then did a coolant flush Restore then went back with Cat EC-1 coolant. I use the Edge Insight CTS and have deltas of 4deg EOT 198 ECT 194 and added the blue spring. We had a Alpenlite 5er wt around 14k. My 06 only has 39,000mi on it It looks like I will need a 1/2 gallon of the Archoil when I switch to the Amsoil 5w40. We have a trip coming up around 1000mi round trip. I plan on changing the oil and filter around 2000mi because of the new pump and them having the pan off. I send in oil samples on every oil change on all my stuff to Cat for the past 20 years.
  11. jleamont, Great post. I have though about using the archoil. I know a lot of guys use it over on Diesel Stop in the 6.0 PSD. I use Amsoil 5w40 Syn oil in my 06 Ford 6.0 with a by-pass oil filter for the past 10 years and I will be switching to Amsoil 5w40 Syn oil on my next change. Right now I have Cat 15w40 in it and Cat wants big bucks for a gallon for there 5w40 syn oil. I can get Amsoil 5w40 syn for around $28 gallon. One of the guys on iRV2 said Cat just came out with a new HEUI pump that should last, time will tell If I had a Cummins I would use 15w40 dino oil but with a C-9 Cat with a HEUI system no different than my 6.0, they love Syn oil.
  12. One of the Cat guys over on iRV2 sent me all the info on my motor from the S/N and gave me all the part info on a reman oil pump. Went to Peterson Cat in Portland with all the info and they said it would take around 4 to 6hrs, 4 days later, they went down some rat hole. When I went in to pick it up they took $1200 off the bill because they didn't order what I told them to but did in the long run. My cold start was 128 to 130psi now it's 87psi back to factory psi. Have not tried the high idle after the oil pump fix, just don't like to idle a cat.
  13. Yes I run Diesel Kleen on every fill up but just got an order of Opti-Lube XPD, going to see how it works.
  14. I will check but I don't think that is the problem.
  15. I have a 2006 Inspire and starting to have a problem with opening the door. I have used spray, some good stuff and it lasts for a while then hard to open door, even with the door open the handle is hard to work, it will snap. I removed the 3 screws and tried to remove the inside handle to get to the 5 digit code but can't remove because of a spring and I can't get to it. Don't want to mess up the lock using the key fob. So has anyone remove there door lock and replaced with a new Door Lock? Do I need to remove the inside skin of the door. Here is what I want to replace it with, any help would be great. https://www.prvparts.com/product-p/30-900.htm 2 stroker
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