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  1. The above coach has an audible air leak on the right rear side between the main rear axle and the tag axle. Air pressure in the pneumatic system only goes up to around 90 psi due to this leakage. A possible fix has been suggested by a local RV Repair Business to replace valve, B1960X8, which is no longer available. A possible valve might be available in 3 weeks or so. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Does anyone know of a replacement for the identified valve and where it might be purchased? Does anyone know how one would access this valve to remove and replace? Another symptom associated with this issue includes a tag axle that will not raise. Not sure this is part of the air valve leak or another problem altogether. The coach is located in Santa Fe, NM where a stop was made during a bucket list trip to the grand canyon. We need help and so far are told that this valve might be available in about 3 weeks, so be patient. Big if involved and no other solutions are being offered like can the valve air line be capped and just let the tag axle remain down as a temporary fix until the trip is over? Please help. Thanks
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