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  1. Water line leaking My 2004 Gulfstream Sunvoyager has sprung a leak. I have fresh water dripping off the top of my black water tank, I am pretty sure it is coming from one of the supply lines. I fear I may have to remove at least one of the tanks to replace the line, as the grey and black water tanks set side by side with only a couple inches between them. To compound the problem water lines and the heat tube for the tanks run perpendicular to the motor home between the tanks? And there is no room on top or below the tanks? So I need lots of help on this project. Where do I start? do I have to remove tanks? And advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am looking for a used, light weight, dependable 4 wheel down toad and looking for recommendations. Thanks Mel
  3. Both driver and passenger side windows. If I could find the plastic,? inserts that fit inside the metal frame I think that would work, but haven't been able to find that stuff?
  4. I drive a 2005 Gulfstream Sunvoyager and the front side widows rattle constantly. Any suggestions on a fix?
  5. I store my motorhome outside (Wisconsin) no power available, looking for an solar setup of some kind to keep the batteries charged while stored. I have one start battery and two house batteries all 12 volt and lead acid. Would like a complete plug and play system or a step by step piece by piece instructions. Thanks Mel
  6. Looking for suggestions for a nice warm place to visit during Christmas break.
  7. I am looking for some help. I use a CPAP to sleep and for that reason I bought the Res Med 12 volt converter to plug into the 12v outlet in our bedroom unfortunately this will only power her machine for 4 or 5 hours at best. I presently have 2 Delco 12 volt deep cycle house batteries, and may have room to add one more? Thanks Karen
  8. I spent 39 years as a flat roofer installed all types of roofs on all types of structures including mobile homes, I would like to know how you seal around roof penetrations, vents, antennas, skylights and such?
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