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  1. 2006 holiday rambler ambassador and wires go directly to hitch plug no box between plug and connection and problem fixed.... wiring harness was ground at frame on rear of Jeep so I ran another wire from battery ground on fire wall back to the harness ground and all lights work
  2. Installed Blue ox wiring harness bx88285 on 13 Jeep Wrangler jk and tail lights aren’t working properly. They are halogen tail lights and 4 ways blink lightly both tail lights blink when turn signals are on
  3. Well lol hope your ready for this .... took wall sensor cover off in bed room and the thermostat wire was back behind the wall I was able to fish it out. Turned furnace on and **** if it didn’t cycle on and off to the temperature set at. Guess it wasn’t getting a true reading behind the wall !!! Anyway I secured the wire so it can’t fall back into the wall again replaced the cover and we’re good to go want to thank you for your help and time on this problem !!
  4. Zone 1 sensor is located in living area and cycles properly with that furnace zone 2 sensor is located in bedroom and zone 2 heats bed and bathroom with 1 register in bedroom 1 in bath area and one under refrigerator Hope I explained it properly
  5. There’s a sensor in living area that operates under zone 1 and this heater cycles properly the zone 2 heater for bath and bedroom runs constantly not cycling off at set temperature
  6. 06 holiday rambler ambassador and Atwood heater
  7. AC and heater run but don’t cycle off at set temperature
  8. Also check to make sure outside shower water knobs are both turned completely off if one or both are left open this causes for Luke warm water only not sure why but it happens but it does if one of those knobs are open
  9. Will do thanks for getting back to me were boondocking be home in a few days yo check it ouy
  10. Passenger seat foot rest won’t rise and electric motor does click as if it wants to extend any ideas guys
  11. Will also be checking burner tube and clean area
  12. Thanks for getting back guys I replaced the thermostat in fridge and seems to be working fine really appreciate your help
  13. Ok so since it’s running constantly on propane and not cycling is there something I can check causing the problem we’re boondocking so I can’t hook up to AC to see if it cycles
  14. Should fridge cycle on and off when running on propane?
  15. 13 wrangler jk thanks guys for getting back to me
  16. Have a class A coach with rear flap going to start towing a toad soon should I leave the rear flap or remove it??
  17. So manual for my 2013 wrangler JK stick shift reads transfer case in neutral trans in 2nd gear is this the procedure to follow??
  18. Thanks guys I'll check the level in the up position and also research the manufactor
  19. Sooo guys what's the best way to check hoo fluid level with the jacks up in the stored position or the jacks down stablizing the Dp coach
  20. So guys is it best to check hyd fluid level on DP with jacks in the up stored position or when they are down stabilising the coach
  21. Will check that also thanks ......sooo topped off fluid level and ran jacke through a few cycles and the jack down light went off!!! Thanks to all who responded
  22. Dp coach air drained down ignition in acc position turn on power to levellers and jack down light is on I physically checked and jacks are up it will let me manually drop down the jacks was wondering if maybe the the system needs to somehow be reset
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