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  1. To the original poster, "Sorry to have stolen your post!" I did not have that in mind when I posted my comment. I new in here, SORRY! Thank you to all the responders, your comments are well constructed and thoughtful! Sandy and I will be looking for a used (For budget issues) Allegro Bay 32BA. That length and floor plan make sense to us... I think my first DIY Mod will be to remove the bed and cabinets and build a platform for a king size. I plan to trim about four inches in length so there wont be any closure issues. We are looking at a 3 layer memory foam that comes all compressed in a bag... I'm also thinking we could get a dolly and haul our current 2011 Honda Accord behind. I am concerned that the weight may be a factor. The Accord would complicate 4 down towing, I hear... DO-able, but complicated... Any thought here? I think there are lots of questions I will be seeking advice on soon, (and I will ask them in the proper places) but, for now, I felt this might be a good start...
  2. Hello! Just joined this morning... (10/15/16) We have been lurking as outsiders looking in for ever!!! We are getting the bug really bad. Currently we do NOT have a motor-home, but have been looked at several. Our biggest hurdle to date has been financing, and where to park the darn thing. Our city does not allow us to park at our home for more than 24 hours, so "Load and GO!" So we are seeking info in here! Good luck and perhaps share a campsite soon!
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