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  1. Scroll to my post of December 2017. Links there to all you need.
  2. +whatever-it's-up-to-now on M&G Had it on my Honda CR-V. Now on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. As someone mentioned, they are super people and totally stand behind the product. The engineering of it is fantastic. Cuts my braking distance by at least 25%, maybe more.
  3. Did you see my posting just above yours that has an even simpler solution?
  4. A little late to this party, but I love my M&G Engineering system. Can be had for air or hydraulic systems. Fully proportional system.
  5. There is a switch available at auto parts stores that will fit right in an existing blank spot on the dash, at least in my 2012. There is an article in the honda cr-v forum that describes the switch and how to hook it up with an "add-on" fuse. Ah, found an article. Try http://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/26-racks-hitches-towing/51441-towing-crv-build-switch-pull-fuse.html. That's not the one I followed. Still looking ... Another discussion http://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/27-miscellaneous-general-cr-v-discussions/18011-towing-my-cr-v-flat-question-about-fuse-removal.html ....
  6. Looking for a recommendation for a dash cover for my 2016 Forest River Georgetown XL 378. Looking for something that will be in place permanently and has a surface appropriate for a wandering cat
  7. What are those horns? I've been looking for something that I can place behind the front grill.
  8. Similar to the scam of slammiing on the brakes in front of you ... but the coach is too big for them to risk that one. Sorry about that.
  9. I'm late to this party and you may already have done something, but the Larsen thru-glass works find. I mounted mine on the highest glass window (single pane, light tint) to the driver-side side window. Tip of antenna is lower than my highest point on the coach. I hit repeaters at 10+ miles and the APRS side of my Yaesu FTM-350, on 10W, tracked me quite nicely from Texas to Arizona (Rawhide) and back. 73 de KA5GIL (aprs KA5GIL-9 and -7 --- the -9 is the RV)
  10. Great info Herman. It served me well when I got to the Rally in the Valley. I had no great surprises other than the view of 2600 coaches from the roof of my Georgetown! I attended the RV Basics course and made a lot of the additional seminar offerings. My ham radio experiment with a vertical antenna attached to the ladder, complete with the "Guilford Courthouse" flag (revolutionary war battle) flying on top was a success as well. What you included in your info was a lot of what is covered in the first-timers packet that eventually came by mail and I've suggested to FMCA that the info be sent out by email as soon as a newbie registers so that those preliminary questions get covered in a timely way. Thanks again for sharing all of that.
  11. A wonderful travel log with great photos. Thanks for sharing your life and photos.
  12. In my policy which included comprehensive, glass breakage is a separate option. Not terribly expensive. I would not assume that glass is covered.
  13. Great info Herman. Very helpful. Couple of additional questions -- and I realize that some may be answered in my not-yet-here packet : Home many coaches are expected? Just curious. Is there a reason to pull the TOAD for such as touring the area? I won't need it any time enroute and it sounds as if things are pretty busy right at the rally. If attending the RV Basics, when do I need to be at the rally site? Not finding that sort of info except that registration for that gives 2 additional nights camping. I assume there are many food venues available. Correct? I've heard about getting an all-wheel weighing. When/how does that happen? How advisable is it to sign up for electrical hookup? Why would you do that if you have an onboard generator?
  14. It may be a java problem if you are still having trouble. You may need to update java on your computer, and if recently updated, you must reboot the computer after the update. Discovered all of that this morning.
  15. This one is. It will be my first rally. Unfortunately my wife can't get the time off so I'll be solo. Looking forward to the RV Basics course as this is my first Class A RV.
  16. Well, that would help wouldn't it? It's a 2016 Forest River Georgetown 378 XL. I think I've convinced myself they're working after putting a remote thermometer in the bay and observing it. The switch for the Arctic Pak doesn't tell you the pads are actually drawing current.
  17. I have Good Sam and the only use has been to winch me out of my back yard! No questions. Not exactly "back yard" but the 1/2 acre plot behind me.
  18. What antenna are you using? de KA5GIL
  19. We finally got some cold weather and a chance to see if the pads are working. Still not sure. How warm should they feel to the touch? Should it be obvious that they are heating? I put my hand around the ones on the waste tank drains and am just not feeling any remarkable heat. I may have to pull some wires apart and measure current drain but hopefully someone can clue me in short of that.
  20. Try an external GPS puck that connects via USB port. https://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/gps.php is a good one. You will have to have software that can recognize the GPS signal coming in. Byonics is very good about helping via email.
  21. Don't the base units try to read both sensors? They're both 433Mhz frequency and probably on the same channel.
  22. Hoping for shorter! My main interest in current info would be focused on the comments and descriptions. I emailed and got the answer that both print and electronic versions were updated in the summer and fall of 2015.
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