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  1. I had the same problem with the 2 sony's in our living area. I put a strip of black tape over the eye[not sure what the correct name for it is] of the one over the dash that we never watch. That prevents that one from seeing the remote when we use it for the other tv. The tape is hardly noticeable if you don't know its there. Hope this works for you. ccmsm
  2. Just came through that area Sunday afternoon. The part that goes through the busiest area is complete. You will need to go through about 5 miles of construction but it is not bad all. ccmsm
  3. This happened to me last fall. It turned out to be the check valve. This valve keeps water from flowing out when the hose is disconnected. I took it apart and took the inside out till I could order one from Camping World. Works fine now. ccmsm
  4. Creative Coach in Lakeland Florida did some repair work on my coach a couple years ago. I highly recommend them. They are not cheap but they do quality work. ccmsm
  5. I have mine done at the Freightliner factory service center in Gaffney SC. This year it cost $750. It will vary from year to year as some things don't need changing every year. It gives me peace of mind to not have to wonder if everything was done and my mind needs all the peace it can get ccmsm
  6. ccmsm

    Broke Bulb

    Finally got it out today with a cork. Thanks Herman and for all the other suggestions. ccmsm
  7. ccmsm

    Broke Bulb

    Wayne you're idea sounds good but the bulb is in a recessed area in the hood under the microwave. I only have a 2 1/2 inch opening to work with. Next time my wife leaves I might try to find her tweezers and see if that will work. If that doesn't work and if she is still gone I will try Herman's idea. She wants me to call our local mobile tech to get it out but he charges over $100 an hour. I have a new bulb so that would make that little light very expensive. Thanks for all your suggestions. ccmsm
  8. ccmsm

    Broke Bulb

    The light over the stove in the hood went out and when I took the cover off it was broken. All thats left now is the metal screw in part. I can feel inside it with my bare finger but I can't get it to turn at all. It's a very small opening and I can't actually see inside it. Any suggestions? ccmsm
  9. As we were going through Macon Ga. last summer a jar of spaghetti sauce came out of the cabinet we were using as a pantry. The jar broke and red tomato sauce went everywhere. We found some flexible ties that are stiff enough to hold with rubber on the outside. We tie the cabinet handles to each other before we start on a trip. It takes about 2 minutes to install them and about 2 minutes to remove them. Lowes and Home Depot have them but I can't remember their name. ccmsm
  10. That is great news. I've been praying for you and Hanna and will continue. ccmsm
  11. I was required to do the air brake to check the system but she sat there and lead me through each step. That was just to check to make sure they were working. I seem to remember someone told me about putting a dot or more than one dot on the windshield. I don't remember where to put the dots. I think they learned that at the lazy days driver course in tampa. ccmsm
  12. Actually it was close to 12 when I was there today. My coach is a 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40E. I stopped about 3 ft short of the line. The test facility is about 35 miles from here so I plan to go back Sunday to practice. There are other test locations but I would think they would all be the same. ccmsm
  13. I am required to get a class F license to drive my over 26,000 lb coach in SC. It is a class F here. I passed the written [computer] part with no problem. Today I attempted to pass the driving part. The first thing I had to do was to stop the front of the coach between 2 white lines that are 18" apart. I was not allowed to lean up to look over the dash or look out the drivers side window. I missed it by about 3 ft. That ended the test and I have to wait 7 days to try again. No body has ever accused me of being smart but I was really surprised that I missed it that much. Do y'all know of any trick I can use to get closer. The beginners permit I have is good for a year so I told my wife it I can't pass it after 52 times we will have to move to another state. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. ccmsm
  14. We bought a new 2014 Winnebago Adventurer. The sticker price was about 30k more than the same size and features of a comparable Georgetown. We paid the difference thinking we were getting quality. That turned out not to be the case. We had so much trouble with it that our mobile tech had us in his speed dial. The second time I called Winnebago the tech gave me an unacceptable answer so I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said no because he would give me the same answer. Thankfully were able to get rid of it back in January. I would not recommend anybody deal with Winnebago or Lazydays in Florida. ccmsm
  15. My thermostat is in an overhead cabinet in front of the coach. These sensors tell the thermostat when to cut off and on. ccmsm
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