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  1. Prior to our existing coach, we owned an Itasca Reyo (Class A on a Sprinter chassis) which used cables on the dump valves. The black and gray tanks were located under the chassis behind the rear axle - one on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. They drained through the dump valves into a common 3" header that ran to the driver side of the coach. The dump valve cables allowed the T-handles to be mounted up in a driver side bay with the other plumbing valves/fittings for easy access. It seemed to work OK. To the OP: As far as I know, Winnebago is still building coaches using these cables. I would think that you could order replacement parts from them.
  2. I just had the same experience as susaninsd. I called the 800 number 45 minutes ago and was told they weren't taking any more new orders. I signed up on the web sign-up form 2 days ago when it was still live but have not received a call back. Chris posts on this forum this morning that we can call in and get signed up, but I call in and am told No!
  3. BillAdams, I think you missed the point of what we were saying. The following wording is now posted on the sign up page at http://join.fmca.com/fmca-verizon-benefit/ : WOW! The member response to this new benefit has been overwhelming! Due to product shipment limits, we've already reached our maximum for the month so unfortunately we will be unable to sign you up at this time.
  4. I agree with spuds above. The only reason I knew about it is because I am a member of rvmobileinternet (run by Technomadia). I am an existing FMCA member and signed up yesterday but have not yet received a call back. Yet someone posted on rvmobileinternet that they just joined FMCA and have already received a call back and gotten their device on order. Very unfair to existing members. FMCA will gain new members because of this (that probably don't even own RVs, let alone motorhomes), but they might just lose existing ones, like me.
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