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  1. We have a 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid, which are towing (Toad) behind a Nexus Viper 29V (30 ft). We have the Roadmaster Sterling Towbar and the Roadmaster Invisibrake system. We have not experienced any issues of wobbling while turning or while turning and braking. One advantage with the Invisibrake system is that it provides a trickle charge to the battery of the toad vehicle, provided the headlights of the motorhome are turned on while driving.
  2. I am looking from feedback on how often and to what degree of running a Cummins gas generator while in winter storage. I understand Cummins recommends that once a month you should exercise my gas generator (2) hours each month and put a load on it. I am looking for recommendations on how to put a load on the generator during the winter.
  3. My Wife &I and fellow FMCA friends plan on visiting Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park. We are currently checking into campgrounds in and around both National Parks. We are looking for feedback from fellow FMCA members that recently stayed in the area. We have a 30 ft MH with a tow vehicle, our friends have a 36 ft MH with a tow vehicle.
  4. I really appreciate the comments and jleamont thanks for the website link from Ford. I am new to all this, any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I was told it could tow up to 7500lbs. This is directly from the information posted on the website: 7,500 lb. Hitch w/Connector w/7-Way Plug.
  6. I have a Nexus Viper 29V that has a E-450 Ford truck chassis. I am trying to get information on pulling a 2015 Ford Edge AWD behind it. Any experiences pulling a 4500lbs vehicle behind an RV with a GVWR rating of 14,500lbs. Obviously, I expect a reduction of gas mileage. I am just trying to evaluate all my options.
  7. We have a 2013 Ford Escape that we would like to tow behind our 2017 Nexus Viper. I would like to get some feedback from fellow motorhome owners that have used or are using a tow dolly. Do you have a recommendation on a specific tow dolly? Have you experienced problems when using a tow dolly? I realize that doing four wheels down is better than using a tow dolly, but we would prefer not to use our other vehicle for towing behind our motorhome.
  8. Wanted to let everyone who provided me help with answering my questions how things went. Prior to departing I filled the fresh water tank and emptied it, then filled it again we did not experience any issues with the contents of the fresh water tank. I also put in about (6) gallons of water and a deodorizer packet into the black water tank. I did not do anything with the grey water tank, but next trip I will add a deodorizer tablet and some water into the grey water tank prior to departure. I had no issues dumping either tank when we departed the campground. I want to thank everyone who responded, your incite helped a lot. I also, want to thank our neighbor at the campground he provided me a number of suggestions on things to do.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. If anyone has any other advice please keep them coming. I will be sure to update after we complete our first trip.
  10. We are new motorhome owners. We are about to take our new RV for our first trip. I have already pre-sanitized the fresh water tank. What suggestions do experienced RV'ers suggest for preparing the grey & black tanks prior to leaving.
  11. I want to thank all of you that replied. We are looking forward to getting our new motorhome in April. The first few replies seem to refer to the Ford engine & chassis. I was more concerned about the parts in the motorhome; IE: refrigerator, HVAC, etc. It seems to me these are more likely to have issues than the E-450.
  12. My wife and I will be getting our new Nexus Viper in April. The motorhome comes with a (1) year warranty. Is it worth the money to purchase an extended warranty while the unit is still under the original (1) year warranty?
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