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    I agree - also I much prefer the format & functionality of other forums than this one. I don't frequent this one as much because of the design.
  2. F 081605 S - was originally assigned F 463401.
  3. I'm so glad I noticed this post. My wife & I recently purchased a motorhome & joined FMCA. Over Christmas we surprised our grown sons with the news. During the discussion & reminiscing about my parents motorhomes & the boys mentioned fond memories of going places with their grandparents. I showed them my FMCA plaques, that haven't been mounted yet, & they mentioned how neat it would be to find my Dad's FMCA number. Little did I know that I could request to have Dad's number with a "S". I just called FMCA to have it changed & ordered new plaques from Kiley. I can't wait to tell my family about it & I'd be willing to bet the number with a "G" will be on a FMCA plaque in the near future also. Thanks for the heads up Herman & thanks to FMCA for this feature. This is a wonderful benefit & will help insure the continuity from generation to generation (at least in this family).
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    Had it winterized at the factory before leaving Elkhart & returning home last week. It was 70 degrees in Indiana in November so not sure if that means we're going to skip winter this year or we're going to pay the price in December, January, & February. We're still working so it's at an indoor storage facility until the spring thaw. I wish we could head south instead of winterizing but will be a few years. We figure we should have lots of experience when the time comes.
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    New members & owners of a Nexus Ghost 36DS. Looking forward to getting out & exploring with the motorhome.
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