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  1. Interesting thread. There are a lot more facets to being an LLC beyond taxes. In the event that someone wanted to sue you, they can only get as much as is in the corporation.
  2. We have been overall very pleased with our HWH leveling system as well as the company itself. From the get go, I had difficulty getting our front jacks to fully retract. After reading the manual and following all of the suggestions, I contacted HWH. When ever I contact a company, my main thing is remain courteous and calm. Explain the problem clearly and ask for their suggestions. They have gone over backwards to be of assistance . What we learned is that for our model year of 2004, their was a problem with the seals. They replaced the front two jacks at their expense. Later the same problem presented and they replaced the springs with heavy duty springs. Then it occured again and I mentioned that when fuse F-15 was removed, that loud alarm was silenced. (I made sure that the jacks were withing 1/4 inch before I would move the coach). Then I mentioned that it took 227 miles for that jack to finally become fully retracted and that the 'stow jacks' button was activated when ever we were under way. They looked up my file info and found that when the jacks were replaced, they had replaced them with brand new jacks but of the same batch that had had the bad seals. They replaced the jacks again with new ones even though we were out of warranty. Now these jacks are up in a heartbeat. They too mentioned the importance activating the 'stow jacks' button while moveing as that keeps them retracted when one goes over bumps or rail road tracks. As to my hint, I have found that in spite of leveling the coach until all of the yellow lights are gone, there are times that the coach is still not totally level. We use the cabinet door and bathroom door method. (Before taking the key out of the ignition from the accessory positon which is the necessary position needed to operate our HWH system.) We slightly opening a kitchen cabinet door as well as the bathroom door, if the door swings quickly open, t we know that we need to further tweak the level system to lift the coach side opposite the doors swing. When the doors stay put when opened just an inch, then we know that we are truely level. Its just an easy little hint that quickly removes the swinging door annoyance.
  3. I am amazed at the pet owners who see no problem with their dog walking around on the dashboard while the driver is under way. We are pet lovers and own a beautiful Bichon Frise who has traveled with us for eleven years BUT, he travels on his LL Bean comfy large dog pillow located behind the driver seat and butted up against the retracted slideout. Recently, there was an article in another RV publication where the owners were proud of the fact that their 86# dog travels on the dashboard and at times has his head out of the drivers side window to get fresh air. I was amazed. Do people not realize just how unsafe this practice is? With a sudden or unexpected stop, that pet becomes a projectile which could cause the driver to lose control resulting in possible accident or loss of life. A driver is going to almost automatically reach for a pet who may be falling off the dash, or worse yet, falling into the driver area of steering wheel, etc. It is just plain unsafe! I have read no less then three different submissions to several publications by owners who see no problem with this practice. Yes, I am the main driver of our 38-foot Class A diesel pusher and am a female, but also the owner of Skipper. We want him around for a long time yet but we keep him safe as well as not providing a distraction that could result in an accident. Jean Mulder
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