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  1. Oddly a friend (who bought my old 2004 Itasca Meridian) with a Cat C7 and a mh3000 transmission used his shift pad to find his trans fluid level to read 7 quarts low. (Dip stick looked right). After adding 4 quarts and continuing on his way to his camp ground it now reads 8 quarts low. The trans shows no sign of leaks. Drives and shifts great. - in fact he said it shifted a little smoother after adding the fluid. Can anyone share what symptoms you would see / feel from over filling? It has run well for the last 5k miles - It just doesn't add up that the shift pad has provided such different readings. Is there a calibration required? Thanks!
  2. 2007 allegro bus quad slide qsp. 400hp
  3. Five, the last leg of my trip is predominately 55-60 and I got 7.4 .... certainly a cost to move a wall of air.
  4. 1st post - so hello everyone. As the speed conversation goes, I just returned from a 900 i95 trip and did a test on speed / mileage. On my 07 ISL Cummins I used 72-73 on the way and 67-68 on the trip back. Cruise control any time possible, same route. Low amount of traffic either way. Mileage went from 6.4 to 7.1. Just my 2 cents. Mike
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