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  1. I purchased insurance for all my vehicles (at the time 4 cars and an RV) from National General after finding them as a partner with FMCA. For years, never had a claim until recently when my RV was damaged in a wind storm. Debris struck the windshield shattering it and damaged part of the roof. I filed a claim, took it to were they wanted it to go, their adjuster came out and recommended a "Winnebago approved repair" that would result in a visible seam along one side of my roof and would not return my RV to pre-damage condition - a solid fiberglass roof which is why I purchased my RV. The repair shop they sent me to does not recommend this repair as it will devalue the RV and could leak in the future and changes how the water runs off the roof. I told National General I would not accept this repair. My email was ignored until weeks later I sent a follow-up email and was told they had sent a check to the repair shop "last month" and basically they were not going to accept the recommended repair by the shop they sent me too. I have asked for a supervisor and that's been ignored too. I've had my attorney look at the policy and he told me that National General had to repair the RV by returning it to it's pre-damage state, not a substandard repair. So the RV continues to sit with a shattered windshield, roof that needs repair and not being able to be used for over 30 days now. Fair warning. They want your money but don't make a claim as it is nothing but a hassle. If National General is still an FMCA partner where is FMCA's assistance to support one of their members. I called FMCA headquarters and after being on hold for a long time it then said leave a message which I did.
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