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  1. Mesaloose, wIth regards to lighting, it depends on which 2018 model you purchased. The Premier uses LED tail lights, the LT model uses incandescent lights. The LT models should handle either system. My preference in other vehicles I've towed is to add the independent socket with a 3 way bulb. Adding a socket keeps the integrity of the vehicle's wiring without splicing wires. The other kit splices in a number of diodes and allows the lights to be powered by another source. This can potentially turn the car's brake light system into a trouble shooter's nightmare unless you have it installed by a knowledgeable professional. The Premier doesn't appear to have enough room to add an incandescent socket in and amongst all the LEDs. I have a 2018 Premier but still pulling my 2007 Saturn VUE until I can sort out the issues from the OP. I may wind up with a diode kit...something I was hoping not to do on a brand new car...Rainman
  2. This is from pg 214 of the 2018 Equinox Owners Manual. Might be worth trying to see after five minutes if you have a "lights out" "chimes off" condition for towing. It shouldn't be this hard...but. We'll be interested in what the district rep has to say. ACC/ACCESSORY (Amber Indicator Light) : This mode allows you to use some electrical accessories when the engine is off. With the ignition off, pressing the button one time without the brake pedal applied will place the ignition system in ACC/ACCESSORY . The ignition will switch from ACC/ ACCESSORY to OFF after five minutes to prevent battery rundown. ON/RUN/START (Green Indicator Light) : This mode is for driving and starting. With the ignition off and the brake pedal applied, pressing the button once will place the ignition system in ON/RUN/START. Once engine cranking begins, release the button. Engine cranking will continue until the engine starts. See Starting the Engine 0 215. The ignition will then remain in ON/RUN.
  3. Snoway, just a thought! Have you tried moving the fob away from the vehicle, about the same distance as piloting your rig? Just curious if this makes a "lights out" condition after a few minutes. Doing this of course, after completing the towing procedures and placing transmission in neutral. Since this is a newly redesigned 2018 Equinox, it's important to understand how to tow it correctly. The owner's manual checklist is pretty minimal on the subject. I appreciate you bringing the issues of towing the 2018 to light. Rainman
  4. Sit in vehicle engine off, with foot off of brake hold start button and after several seconds the dash will light up and you will able to shift to neutral. No chimes!
  5. 2018 Equinox Owners Manual (available online) has deleted pulling the fuse prior to flat towing. To tow the vehicle from the front with all four wheels on the ground: 1. Turn the vehicle on. 2. In vehicles equipped with AWD engage the AWD system and confirm that it is on. 3. Position the vehicle to be towed and secure it to the towing vehicle. 4. Shift the transmission to N (Neutral). 5. Turn the ignition to ACC/ ACCESSORY . 6. Turn all accessories off. Once the destination is reached: 1. Set the parking brake. 2. Shift the transmission to P (Park). 3. Turn the vehicle off. 4. Start the engine and let it idle for more than three minutes before driving the vehicle.
  6. Shade Pro makes excellent dash covers that fit well. Very happy with the quality, fit and finish. The back has a vulcanized coating that is great for wandering paws. 🐾
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