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  1. Hello, Dowdy, I have '08 Revolutiom LE. On my coach check the front left small cargo bay ( under driver area & in front of left front tire). Most of the small fues are there behind a panel next to where the air compressor chuck is-- on my coach there are 2 fiber board panels held by phillips screws-- fuses behind left panel...schematic of fuses on inside of panel when removed...hope this is same for your '07.
  2. Take Hwy 71 south out of Ft Smith, then get on 270 at "Y" City--270 goes right into Hot Springs--road is good--there are some "s" curves and winding roads but will accommodate a 43 footer just fine--I would suggest you drive in daytime rather than night--good news--no low overpasses...go to www.arkansashighways.com for maps and info.
  3. In a related question, my son in law rewired his home and put in a RV outlet outside--he told me it was 30 amp but because I have a 50 amp cord coming off my RV, he apparently put in a 50 amp receptacle (i can't ask him--he's in mountains of Colorado hunting-we are at his house with g-kids).... I hooked my progressive EMS before hooking up my shore power--got this reading leg 1 122 volts--60 amps---leg 2 no volts and no amps--I was afraid to hook up--question? Is this equivalent to 30 amp service? what about the 60 amp on leg 1? I only need power for my lights and refrig--staying in house-will NOT be running A/C or micro, etc....hooked up now with 15 amp heavy duty ext cord to regular home outlet... Can I hook my 50 amp cord to this outlet and let it run thru inverter or will it cause damage??? thanks for your advice. Mike (my coach '08 Fleetwood Revolution).
  4. I appreciate the W-M corporate email site that was provided in the first post. I have email them (W-M) with words of appreciation for allowing RVer's to stay on their lot and letting them know my feelings that this is a frivolous suit and does not reflect the feeling of the vast majority of RVer's. I do feel for the family attacked--I sure this has been very traumatic to them--Thank God none of their family were seriously injured--BUT--the responsibility of each RVer is to be prudent and diligent to maintain security for their family and RV just as they would at the residence. As a recreational motor home owner and FMCA member, I have used W-M many times for an overnight stay and have really appreciated their hospitality. I hope this suit is dismissed or dropped by the family involved and W-M is not forced by legal and liability issues to change their policy and begin prohibiting RV overnight stays. We should share this story with our FMCA and RV friends and encourage them to contact W-M with support for their current overnight stay policies and that we do not share the feeling that W-M should be responsible for this particular incident. Thanks for your time to read this--I appreciate all the different posts offered--whether pro or con.
  5. Next time you want to head to the Blue Ridge let me know, You can stay in one of the guest lots at Deer Creek Motorcoch Resort. We woud love to be your host.

  6. To Mr. & Mrs. Butler--just wanted to say this is my first post to you but have been reading forums, especially yours, for quite a while. I always enjoy your insight and suggestions. As a newbie, I am trying to learn everything I can about RV and my MH in particular. My wife & I are still working full time, so only doing some recreational travel now and even that is limited but love the MH life. Goal is to retire in 2-3 years and hope to travel 6-8 months per year but probably not full time. Safe travels!!
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