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  1. I am so tired of the shelf and drawer liners I have used becoming all bunched up or ending up in the back of the drawer. Has anyone come up with some good ideas to line your drawers and shelves with a material that doesn't shift around and is easily cleaned? Also while I have your attention, Have you come up with something to put on the bottom of your dinette cushions to keep them from sliding around?
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. With your help I decided to book at two camp grounds, Canyon and Grant Village in Sept 2020. Hope the weather cooperates \.
  3. We are traveling to Yellowstone Sept 2020 for the first time. We are driving a 25ft Forest River Sunseeker, MBS without a tow along. We like campgrounds rather than RV parks. In addition to seeing the sites we like hiking and bicycling. There are four campgrounds that take RV's and reservations Canyon Village, Bridge Bay, Grant Village, and Madison Junction. We are looking for the campground that is the most accessible to sites. Is there any kind of transportation to get around the park, such as shuttle bus, without taking down camp and putting up again?
  4. I am new to the RV world and just bought a 25' Sun Seeker MBS on Sprinter frame. My wife and I are thinking about driving the new RV to Philadelphia from Seattle area. We would be leaving about Sept 15th, spend a 10 days in New England with the fall colors and then leave to come back to Seattle about Oct 15th. My main concern is the return trip and possibly running into Snow and bad weather in the higher elevations. The route is flexible. Since this is one of our first trips I'm not to focused on sight seeing. I just want to get there and back safely. Any advise from you experts?
  5. Thanks all for your advise. I'm filling the tank 3/4 with water and heading to a dump station..
  6. I'm a newbie with a 25' Sun Seeker MBS. I was told when I bought the motorhome that I should wait until black tank is 3/4 full before dumping. I have been out a couple of times and the tank is now 1/3 full. The coach will now sit for a couple of weeks. Should I wait until the tank gets 3/4 full or should I dump it now? I'm sure this topic has been discussed somewhere on the forum.
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