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  1. @Manholt- I must say, I didn't pay that close attention. It probably was a four wire. I was kinda freaked out about the whole thing. @kaypsmith I don't believe the batteries are being kept charged. I am a little confused as to what powers what. The fridge is a Norco. Does that get power from the same batteries that start the engine? Tracey
  2. @Manholt We used the battery boost button and it didn't help. We thought the "short" on the battery was the problem, but evidently not. I am pretty sure the batteries are AGM.
  3. Hello all! I am looking for some guidance on an issue I am having with our 2006 Monaco Executive. This is long, so bear with me. In January, when we were driving our coach from Houston to Spokane, we forgot to unplug from one of the campgrounds when we left. By the time we discovered this, we only had wires at the end of the cord (it was a 50 amp plug). We stopped at Camping World and my husband put on a new 50 amp plug. I used the coach for a while. We had a warm day and when I went to put the ac on, the inverter tripped or something. I reset it and tried again, tripped a fuse and the inverter. When I went to reset the inverter, I noticed an electrical smell. I had no power. I had an electrician come out to trouble shoot and he checked out the pieced together plug and found that two of the three wires were not in place. So he fixed my plug, checked my inverter and everything seemed to be ok. After a couple of days, my refrigerator wasn't working right, the aqua hot quit working and I noticed that the lights were really dim. The electrician came out and checked the inverter. The inverter was getting the right juice in, but was only putting out approx 9v, so it wasn't working. Probably what the electric smell was that I noticed. So i ordered a new inverter, had it installed and everything was good. I have recently started having problems with the refrigerator again and we are again having problems with the rv not wanting to start. I am not sure if the two are connected or not. We had no issues with any of this before we messed up the plug. We can jump start the rv but then the next time we try and start it, it won't start. I thought we might have a short/lose connection on one of the batteries. The last time we jump started it, it appeared there was a short as we melted two parts on the battery. We replaced those and jump started the rv. Today it wouldn't start again. It has only been 9 days.This is getting very frustrating. I am not sure what direction to go in to trouble shoot. Two of our 6 batteries ( I am assuming the starter batteries) were just replaced in December. Tracey
  4. @abyrd- the generator was serviced in December, so I assume then. @manholt- I did not look at the water level in the batteries. I assumed that was all good since they are new batteries. I will look tomorrow. Tracey
  5. Hello all, thank you for the info. Generator- yes, the coach has a little over half a tank of gas. I have filled the coach up once since we have parked, as the aqua hot runs on diesel. The fuel is winterized fuel. The generator ran for approx 10 minutes and then shut off. I restarted and it ran for maybe a minute and then shut off again; this happened twice and I didn't try again. I was afraid there was a problem with the generator and didn't want to do any damage. @Bill- I tried again to start the coach today, and again, it won't start. I am not able to take the coach out on the road until Friday, so hopefully that will charge her up good. I did try holding the battery boost button down today when I tried to start it. @Blake-- I will look into the battery tender. These batteries were just purchased in December. New to RV'ing so never thought this would be a problem with new batteries. @Hermann- we are living in the coach right now, so it isn't stored. I didn't put anything in the fuel as it is winterized fuel. Thanks again! Tracey
  6. @Bill- I started the generator, but then it shut off after approx 10 minutes. We hooked the batteries to my husbands truck and eventually got the coach started. I am just concerned because these are new batteries and I don't feel like it has sat without usage. I have started the coach multiple times to prevent that, or so I thought. @Herman- I did not check the fluid levels. Is that something we would encounter with batteries that we just purchased in December? Thanks for the input! Tracey
  7. Hello again! Looking for some input on my 2006 Monaco Executive Matterhorn IV. We replaced the batteries in December. We have been parked at a campground since mid-January. I have occasionally cranked the coach and generator up. I have taken the coach out once to get it washed- get snow/dirt off. I cranked the engine up approx 3-4 weeks ago. Approx 2 weeks later, I tried to crank the engine and got nothing. Was out of town and just hooked up the battery charger to the batteries. When I try and crank the coach, it sounds like it is trying to start, the dash gauges register, start flashing and then the lights over passenger seat flash with the cranking of the coach. Coach doesn't start. The battery gauge is showing we have enough juice for the batteries to be working, but still can't get the coach to start. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks so much for reading and any input. Tracey
  8. If I change to a smaller size, I have to get rims for all the tires. I looked on the BF goodrich site and couldn't find that tire size listed. I also tried Tire Rack.
  9. So, am I the only one who can't get replacement tires in my size? I have 295 80 r22.5 and can only find this size at Michelin. I would like to look at another brand, but can't find any 22.5, and I am not buying new rims. I guess I just need to pay $650 per tire.
  10. Sf49erfan

    Replacing Tire

    I have a 2006 Monaco with tag axle. When I lowered the jacks to take the coach to be cleaned, one of the middle tires was low. The tires are arranged two in front, 4 in the middle and then two on the rear. The tire that is low is the driver side, outside middle tire. If I need to replace the tire, do I need to replace in sets of two or can I just replace that one tire? Tracey
  11. Here is a picture of the replacement.
  12. jleamone- I believe it was leaking at the connection to the handle into the shower. When he checked it out, he said the whole piece needed to be replaced and he would get the part. After he messed with it, it stopped leaking, but I still had it replaced because I didn't want to chance it. He ended up replacing the whole piece. He tried Lowes and Home Depot, but ended up finding at some irrigation place. I will try and post a picture. My husband could have done all this if he had been here, but the sacrifice we make for his job. Just glad I found it and that it was easy access. Tracey
  13. So, it appears that the leak is coming from the valve? of the shower. The picture below is a picture of where it was leaking and running down to the floor. Going to have the shower apparatus (handle and valve) changed. It has had a slow drip from the handle into the shower since we bought it. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I took the panel off that area you are talking about. There was nothing leaking there. The ice maker is off. The leak only shows up when the water is on from the campsite. I haven't tried using the pump, but assume it would still leak. When I turned the water back on this morning, there was no water pooling under the fridge, it was pooling in between the shower and vanity. The wet bay is outside this area and the basement heater hasn't been working in that area. The temps had been ok, but then were low teens for two nights before i could get the little heater in there. I ran the faucets to prevent them from freezing. In the picture below, the water is pooling to the left of the shower, basically beneath the woodwork shown, but in the opening under the shower. I am not mechanically inclined and my husband is out of town working, so it will have to wait until I can get someone to look at it, which means the snow needs to go away and the ice under the rv needs to go away also. Tracey
  15. @blakeloke- I turned the water off to the coach last night and the leak appeared to have stopped. I turned the water back on to the coach this morning and the leak started again. As best I can tell, the leak is between the vanity/sink and shower. The vanity/sink is to the left of the shower. When I look under the shower I can see water starting to pool to the left. I can't see a leak and it is a very difficult area to access. Not sure how a repair person can access the area without tearing up my shower- which is corian type material. Anyway, I can shower at the campground until I can get the leak fixed. It would be awesome to be able to turn off the water to that section but still have water to the rest of the coach. I have seen the area you are talking about and the key is still there. I will try and get into it and do some trouble shooting. Tracey @Elkhartjim- the low temps have been down to approx 10 degrees. I left the water dripping to try and prevent any freezing lines. I am wondering if when I put the heater in the wet bay there was something frozen that thawed and started leaking.
  16. I ran the shower after I found the water and did not see any leak. I don't know what the water pressure is here and no we don't have a regulator on. I will try turning the water pump on and see what results I get. I was tired of dealing with it last night, so just had the floor dryer on to see if it dried it up or if it was still leaking. I am not sure how much more trouble shooting I can do as I can reach much of the lines. It seems like the shower and fridge are built in and would have to be torn out to really get into that area. Thanks for the input. I will try the above suggestions. Tracey
  17. I went and bought a floor dryer and the area is all mostly dry now. I turned off the city water. I can't see any dripping. The pipes that I can touch and run down are not wet. The only "new" thing that has happened is the snow and I put a small ceramic heater in the wet bay because it appears the aqua hot is not functioning for that zone. If the issue is one of the "pipes", wouldn't it still leak if I use the water pump? I can survive without water as there are showers here at the campground. Inconvenient, but better than having to repair water leak damage. I had read on the forum about the ice maker line, will try and do that once it is light outside. I need to get on the roof and get it cleaned off but it is supposed to snow today and then turn to rain. Thank you for the input. Tracey
  18. I searched the forum and didn't see anything similar, so here goes. I have a 2006 Monaco Executive. Today I noticed some water on the floor at the base of the shower. After taking the vent screen off, I found water under the shower. I don't see an obvious leak. I pulled the drawer out from under the fridge and there is water under there also. It is just a fine layer. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this. I am at a RV campground. Should I try and take the coach to a business or would a mobile RV person work? It started snowing this morning- not sure if this has anything to do with the leak. It hasn't been leaking for long; pretty sure I caught it early. I am seeing dollar signs line up and soooo tired of having one issue after another. I don't see how the leak can even be traced without tearing out the fridge and shower (the shower is corian and the fridge looks "built in"). I went and purchased a carpet dryer and have that blowing on the area to try and dry it out some. Any input would be appreciated. Tracey
  19. @manholt- yes we were on shore power. I don't know if we have a built in a surge protector. It is a relatively new campground/resort so I thought we were ok. Sounds like maybe we need to get one. My husband said the breaker was tripped on the inverter, but none of the outlets or microwave came back on after he reset it. So sounds like there is a little delay after reset. Thanks so much! Tracey
  20. Looking for some input, again! While my husband was using the microwave, we lost power to all of our outlets and to the microwave. Checked the breaker box and GFI breakers, all were fine. My husband reset the inverter and no success. He reset the inverter three times and then miraculously we had power back to the microwave and outlets. Any suggestions on what the problem might be? Is our inverter going out? Oh, we have a 2006 Monaco Executive. Tracey
  21. I backed our 45 ft DP into a chain link fence. I was even using my mirrors and back up camera. Broke the driver side tail light and scratched up that whole corner area. I had to eat a little humble pie after that as I had been really irritated with my husband for putting scratches on both sides of the coach. I couldn't understand how he didn't know he ran into something! Now I know. After my incidence we had the repairs done. $2500 out of pocket on approx $6500 worth of repairs. Tracey
  22. Jleamont- sorry, I didn't read all the post before responding to you. No, I didn't find a system heat switch. Tracey
  23. Jleamont Yes, we are going to have replace the water pump again, darn it. You are right, the fix didn't hold. I do think there is some section of the aqua hot that isn't working properly after having talked with Monaco. We will have to have that checked out. In the meantime, we will put the heaters in the wet bay and add some insulation skirting. Lessons learned. Thank you again for the help. Tracey
  24. Jleamont- The temps have warmed up here above freezing. We have water now. It appears we have a crack in the housing on the water pump, which sucks because we just had it replaced in August. My husband is trying to repair it, if not, we will be replacing it again. I talked to Monaco and they lead me to believe the Aqua hot should have taken care of the wet bay also, but it isn't. Not sure where the problem is with that. I do know that some of the blowers aren't blowing warm air, so maybe all that is tied in. For now, we will continue with the light bulb and will probably do some skirting to help keep it warm. For some reason the coach won't air dump now. I thought it was because of the cold, but that isn't it. Maybe something is dirty or clogged from all the snow and crud on the roads. Thank you everyone for your help. Tracey
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