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  1. We have a 2012 Popular and find the shower more than adequate. I am 6' and Kris is shorter, we can either sit or even stand inside for a shower OR open the doors all the way and slide the curtain into the isle for a larger area. So far we like the sitting option. We also like to use our own facility vs a public one. We have had 2 Roadtreks in the past and have gone thru the A, 5th wheel and TT cycle and have returned "to the fold" so to speak. It has all we need and plus we can take it anywhere. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail us or post.. Good luck in you decision process John - Kris & Lady Sarah our Golden Aiken SC johnandkris@bellsouth.net
  2. There is a forum called "Roadtrek" on Yahoo. The site appears to be active with new posts in May. We have tried to join it but have been waiting for 3 days now for a response from the "owner/moderator" to OK our request via e-mail. Does anyone know if it has an active moderator or is it closed to new members. Many thanks. John & Kris Aiken SC johnandkris@bellsouth.net
  3. You cannot tow a Lexus RX four down. The only Lexus that can be towed 4 down is the IS MANUAL transmission and they are not produced in any volume so they would be hard to get. Our Service manager at Lexus said at one time they allowed the RX to be towed but they had to replace so many transmissions they they added a supplement to the book for all owners and prohibited it in the new books
  4. How critical is it to, as the manual states with the Demco Kar KaddySS, to "stop every 50 miles to check the tire straps"? We are considering a dolly system for our Lexus RX but stopping every 50 miles or so would add a lot of time to a trip and on the highways res areas are not always that close together. They also say 55mph max which we could probably live with. We have a Coach House 232fs on the Ford 450 chassis. Any comments or experiences would be most appreciated John Burke Aiken SC
  5. Have a new 2008 Coach House 232XL on a 2007 Ford E450 Super Duty Frame with 6.8-literTriton V-10 engine. We have installed a Scan gague and want to monitor the temperature range on the transmission. What is the safe temperature range for the transmission fluid (appoximate GVWR 13,000 range) when: 1) fairly level roads, 2) hills? Thanks. John Burke Aiken
  6. Does anyone have firsthand experience as to what license to operate a vehicle OVER 26,000 pounds is required in the states of VA or TN, GA, AL , KY or WVa.? It is confusing when you view the FMCA list and then go to the states' DMV as there is huge disagreement when one looks at the details in the requirements book. Thanks. John Burke, Aiken S.C.
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