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  1. We purchased two vinyl seat covers from Campers world that cost around $95.00. They are a weird tannish color and seem to protect the seats for now. I'm sure you can find them at any RV store on line like RV Parts.com. Good luck and safe travels.
  2. Try COLAW RV Surplus for a Cummins 7000 Quiet diesel generator. LP units use too much propane and you probably have 80-100 gallons diesel on board. Good luck
  3. Ride425 did you ever get the imformation to get into neutral tow? I realize it's a year or more later but I have the reprogram spec sheet and jumper for under the steering column.Bigred5
  4. Try National Indoor RV in Atlanta, they are a full service Newmar and Entegra dealer.
  5. Jtlobo, go on You tube look for Rv Streets videos. Martin has an entire session to sound proofing his engine cover along with many other helpful videos Good luck.
  6. bigred5


    Several years ago I lost all power to my Allison 3000 transmission selector switch in a local cg. VIM fuses were good and after many texts to Freightliner and other operating engineer friends it was a broken 12volt power wire from tranny computer 16 pin plug. there 3 plugs on ECM. ran a new separate power wire and ground wire and this solved the problem. Most of the info i recieved was from this awesome forum and all our members. someone even posted the Allison transmission manual on this site and i printed all460 pagers out. keep us in the loop.
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    Dmaser, welcome to forum. if you have a diesel pusher with an Allison tranny look for a small black box in a rear comp called a VIM box it should have two 10 amp micro fuses inside that protect al the electronics for shift selector and tranny computer, more information on your specific coach will help. Take care, be safe. BR
  8. Greetings, You can try BLACKBEAR CG in Florida,NY. they are open year round compared to most CGS in Northeast shut water off soon . Have a safe trip, try CIA< Culinary Institue of America for a great tuour and dining experience.
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