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  1. grantbaugh


    Jpeg,. My coach power, lights,etc will only work when the engine is running. Installed a new inverter/charger, all new batteries fully charged. Power to coach shuts off about 30 seconds after engine turned off.????? 2008 Fleetwood Excursion
  2. My 2008 Fleetwood Excursion was coach was built in Mexico using 8 point Torx screws rather than the standard 6 point Torx. Impossible to remove. where can I get the 8 point Torx bits?
  3. July issue FMCA magazine p48 talks about 50 amp protectors, but what about 30 amp that I see frequently...do I need a second device......article didn't discuss 30 amp.
  4. Need good RV park near Tacoma for 3 days. Good Sam referred me to bad ones.
  5. The three burner Amana cook top in my 2007 Excursion is misaligned and the front burner will not work unless I slide the cook top out about half an inch.....anybody else with the same problem? Any fixes?
  6. Amana cook top out of alignment with front burner. I have to scoot the cook top out half inch to make it work right. Any body else having same problem
  7. My Amana stove top puts black soot all over pots when cooking ...what is wrong?
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