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  1. jLeamont, Thanks for the information. Is there any dos or don't regarding the use of the T/H while using the cruise control? Thanks, Cal
  2. I have a 2016 Thor RV V10, 1st of all the manual isn't specific, nor does it explain enough for first time operators . While traveling through New Mexico, Arizona, and California I used the T/H button. What I found was that while using cruse control with the T/H and approaching an upgrade it would cause the engine RPM to increase; therefore I had to cut the T/H off. While going down hill with the T/H engaged and having to break, it also would cause the engine RPM to increase until I shut off the T/H. I have been told that you can turn the T/H, on and off as often as you want.? Can someone tell me if I'm on the right course. Cal Jennings treeslayer48@gmail.com
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    Hi, My wife & I are new to RVing. We recently found out that the 3, 32" SEIKI TV's in our Thor coach will not receive/download digital cable channels. I have covered every possible solution and come up empty. I was told that this type of TV doesn't have what is called a QAM Tuner; therefore is unable to download digital channels. I didn't realize that anyone in this day & age made a TV that wasn't cable ready? Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so does anyone have a solution, short of buying new TV's. My coach is a 2016 and I would think that the MFG (THOR) would have put better quality TV's in their coaches... I'm frustrated and upset. Cal Jennings
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