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  1. Update: I finally got to speak to someone from Verizon who at least could help somewhat once I told them the Plan ID 11454. However, this plan applies to one line only. I already have 3 lines (two smart phones and a MIFI jetpack). So, if I took advantage of the FMCA plan for one line only, then I would still have to pay for another data plan for my other two lines. There goes any supposed savings right down the drain. Based upon my experience, I think that Technomadia's verdict of "Nice Try" overstated the value and usefulness of this plan. This is the second time I have been "fooled" by FMCA/Verzion collaboration (signed up last summer for the DOA plan). The first fiasco cost me only time. This fiasco cost me too much time and actual cash as I had to sign up for 2 additional membership years in order to qualify for the plan. Bottom line: If you want "unlimited data" that is actually limited on just one line, this is probably a good plan for you. Otherwise, not so much.
  2. I am an existing Verizon customer and, after signing up through the Verizon/FMCA portal I waited for the email I was supposed to receive from Verizon in "24 to 48 hours". After not receiving the email, I went on the MY Verizon webpage and got in to a chat session with Verizon Customer Support. They had no clue what I was talking about. I called the number provided to contact Verizon in the FMCA instructions. Once again, the person answering my call never heard of the program. She spoke with a supervisor who had heard of the program but they could not help. Their advice: keep on waiting for the email that will contains a "code" that I can use. Still no email. Something is amiss with this program.
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