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  1. Both the VuQube2000 and Carryout WILL work with a DVR. That being said, if you are operating a dual tuner receiver (which is MOST DVRs), only one tuner will control which satellite is being watched. This issue can cause unexpected results, depending on which receiver and which firmare it is. The stumbling block with most Dish Network receivers attached to a "dome" is getting the "Check Switch routine" completed properly in the Dish receiver. Looking at the differences between the two units there is VERY little reason to choose one antenna before the other. I personally lean towards the Carryout, only because of the slightly better ( and I do mean slightly) signal levels I normally see when comparing the two antennas side by side. It may be a pound lighter also... I have used the Dish Vip211K receiver with both the Carryout and V2000. Both work very nicely with that receiver. The receiver is DVR ready (you supply the USB hard drive) but being a single tuner device, you can not record one channel and watch another one. The Vip211k is supposed to be the only receiver "officially" supported by Dish for RV use. Other Dish receivers may work fine and they may not. They can work one day and not the next, depending on when Dish updates the firmware. As for DirecTV, I have not personally tested DVR use on either antenna. That is something for me to do if winter ever goes away....
  2. Technically speaking, all of those mentioned systems are "branded" versions of a system manufactured by Shenzhen Jetson Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. None of the companies have a "lock" on the product. Daryl has the Tire Traker brand, Julian has the HawksHead brand, and the Tire Minder brand is available thru Camping World. There are actually several other brands not commonly found in the US. (www.alibaba.com is the place to find out where just about anything comes from...) That being said, I have been using the HawksHead branded system for 18 months or so without any problems. In fact, it alerted me to a leaking tire on my box trailer on I-80 on our very first trip with it installed. When I tow my Jeep Liberty behind our 41' Overland, it works like a champ without any signal booster. When I tow the 25' trailer, I did experience some signal dropouts, so I put a battery powered repeater in the bedroom of the motorhome. The Hawkshead system is available at very competitive prices at www.bestrvstuff.com
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