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  1. Not much interest in this one but I did call Atwood who suggested it was the sail switch. I bought another and installed it and it worked for a while. When it wouldn't start, I started messing with the wiring (the only thing left) and it is working now. I believe it was a ground wire in the safety circuit that has both the sail switch (which verifies air flow) and the high temp shutdown.
  2. They said to check the voltage. I'm not sure where they meant to do that so I checked the power coming to the board and it was 13.5 v. I intended to check it at the motor during the start cycle, before I got the low air flow light but it read zero.
  3. I looked for similar topics in the forum but nothing addresses my issue exactly. I have a 2007 RV with two Atwood 8520 furnaces. The front one won't run. I get the single blinking trouble light which means low air flow. The blower does not start, hence the low air flow. I put 12v directly to the blower and it runs fine. I checked voltage to the unit and get 13.5v and I switched the control board with the rear heater that works fine and no change( the rear still works, the front still doesn't). Since I get the single blinking trouble light after turning it on at the thermostat, I assume the thermostat circuit is working. I did hear a noise once during startup, like the blower was maybe trying to turn but when I went outside and tried to duplicate the noise(by removing the cover and listening while my wife turned on the unit inside), it won't start at all, so I'm not sure of the noise. I might suspect the sail switch or the high temp limit switch but I don't get far enough in the start cycle for those to be the problem. There just aren't any other parts and very little wiring to know what else to look at. Any ideas? Jim Boguslaw 2007 Country Coach Tribute
  4. I am in the process of doing this exact conversion. I had a dedicated 120v feed from the panel which will need to be moved to the inverter circuit but I was advised by someone who already did the conversion to also move the ground and neutral wires over, not just the hot wire. It sounds like you were already planning that because you said Romex, which is all three conductors. Someone wrote a nice write up on the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor on IRV2.com. Sounds like we are all set with the MSW inverters. Jim Boguslaw 2007 Country Coach Tribute
  5. Thanks for replying to my concern regarding ventilation. It makes sense as my fridge at home just vents into the room from under the front. This one will be the same. I removed some of the gas piping(because it would have interfered with the lower floor) and capped it off. I also capped the icemaker connection and ran another feed from an RO unit I installed previously under the sink. Need the clear ice cubes. The new floor is high enough(by 1/4"!) to allow the the drain piping and the flexible hoses to the slideout to remain unobstructed. I'm not sure I'll ever need access there again but if I do, I can slide out the fridge and remove the new lowered floor as it is attached with screws. Jim Boguslaw 2007 Country Coach Tribute
  6. I also removed the floor and lowered it but I removed the drawers under the Norcold to make room for the Samsung. So far, so good. I think I should seal off the vents in the rear access door and in the ceiling since the fridge won't be sealed off like the Norcold was. If I don't seal it, we'll get hot or cold air from outside coming in the coach. If I do, will I have sufficient ventilation for the Samsung? Anybody go through this have an opinion? I was unable to open the Motorhome article on this subject which might have answered this question. Jim Boguslaw 2007 Country Coach Tribute
  7. How about an update? I'm ready to order one myself but want to see how you make out.
  8. I had Road Kings installed on a Country Coach. Very disappointed. I did the front ones first because I had just replaced the rears with new Bilstiens(original Equipment). Then when there was only a slight improvement I did the rears for another $1000 installed. Very slight improvement there so I contacted the salesman and had the fronts redone. Had more improvement but when I contacted them again about another adjustment, he wanted to sell me the 3" version. I said no mas. Still bouncing and swaying down the road, Jim Boguslaw 2007 Country Coach Tribute
  9. Thanks for responding, Rich. It looks like the rear part of the slide is the full 3/4" while the front is closer to the 1/2". It must only straighten up when it is all the way in and hitting the stops. Excessive play in the gearing makes sense and that test you prescribed would confirm it. I'll give it a try. Jim Boguslaw 07 Counrty Coach Tribute
  10. I have a 07 Country Coach Tribute that uses PowerGear motors to operate the slides. The kitchen slide will open and close normally but will extend 1/2"-3/4" while driving. It's been fine for years so this is a new issue. I know from reading previous posts and reviewing a PowerGear manual that the motors have a brake. I suspect that after closing(or opening) the brake is engaged and holds the slide in its extended or retracted position. Does this sounld like a brake issue? Fortunately, the slide only moves out a small amount. I think I should address it before it decides to move a lot while driving! Any help would be appreciated. I read a lot of slide issue posts but none seem to match my situation. Jim Boguslaw 07 Country Coach Tribute
  11. I have used the Protect-a-tow for 4 years now and have had good results. I like the ease of installation(only a couple of minutes to install or remove) and the effectiveness. Only minimal new road damage since getting it. Relatively inexpensive as well(around $225). I see RoadMaster came out with a similar one costing about twice as much but it looks more robust. Jim Boguslaw 07 Country Coach Tribute 08 Jeep Liberty BlueOX towbar with Protect-a-tow
  12. Too bad. That was a nice place. Jim Boguslaw 07 Country Coach Tribute
  13. The flange of the lense sticks to the vinyl ceiling material. Slip something in behind the lens flange, like a credit card and work it all the way around. Then twist the lens off with your fingers. Good luck.
  14. I wondered how we would survive our first rally. I loaded up with fresh water and emptied the waste tanks. 4 days later I had a half a tank of fresh and only partially filled the waste tanks. We ran the generator about an hour/day to charge batteries and to make coffee and see the morning news. The rest of the day we were off at seminars and looking at all the supplier's wares. Evenings were organized entertainment. A lot of fun and didn't need a source of water, or to dump tanks or the need for electricity or even a fire. Give it a try! Jim Boguslaw 07 Country Coach Tribute
  15. As a followup, I took it to Premier MotorCoach in Tucson who said it needed a compressor, therefore the whole unit should be replaced as it is not cost effective to replace a compressor. I bought one on line from PPL Motorhomes in Houston for $812 plus $175 shipping and installed it myself in a few hours. I don't know what a motorhome service place would charge.
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