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  1. Sta-bil is a good product if you use it from the very beginning. Once water is allowed to sit in the tank for a length of time, algae will grow. I would seek professional help to thoroughly clean the tank and get rid of the algae. Then, start fresh, and try to keep the tank full and treated when not in use.
  2. If it has adaptive cruise control, the tow bracket will interfere with the sensors and disable the cruise control. Found out the hard way.
  3. Since the electrolyte is more like gel than liquid, I don't think de-sulfating applies here. AGM's are much more robust and can take abuse.
  4. I was forced to install a battery watering system on our coach. The 4 house batts were so hard to get to for service. Can't over or under fill the cells. Nice system.
  5. Whirlpool also makes a quality product. The fridge in our new Fleetwood coach has one. American company, last I checked!
  6. HP makes a nice setup priced under $90.00. Don't go cheap... You get it to protect yourself. As you all know, a MH is a moron Magnet. Every time we drive somewhere, at least once, someone does something stupid in front of us. 3 times last trip. Ours records audio from the cab as well, not sure I like that feature... "you dumb sob, wtf, holly poop balls, oh no lookout!"
  7. Thank you... After a little research I found out CW is the sole distributor for the TM-77. Bought one several days ago, have not installed yet.
  8. Have you also looked at the Tireminder TM-77? It looks like a nice system, and is highly rated. Thinking about getting one myself.
  9. Wilco, Manholt... Nice looking electrical bay Richard! Going to pull the trigger on the system... will report back with results.
  10. The 2 chassis batts are SLA. Can't mix AGM and SLA. The Quik-fill system has a one way check valve, that only allows distilled water to pass into the cells. Using a bulb type device, you pump water into the manifold. They claim you cannot overfill the batts. Once done, you pop the quick disconnect fitting and put a cap on it.
  11. Anyone have experience with the Quik-fill system? We have a 2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35M, and the 4 house batteries are un-serviceable unless you remove the entire wiring harness to gain access to the caps. They are also mounted underneath the entry steps, and it took me 10 minutes to just gain access. Talked to Fleetwood CS, they said it is as designed. (Tough luck in other words). So, I am not going to disassemble the whole mess once a month. The quik-fill system looks good on paper, looking for any advice! Thank you in advance.
  12. The inverter is turned off. The remote control panel inside the coach is hardwired to the 12v bus. The propane, smoke and CO detectors appear to be off, ie. green/yellow LED lights go off when I turn off the battery disconnect switches.
  13. Update... No smoking gun (or wire). The only thing I found was the Magnum inverter remote panel stays energized even with both battery disconnect switches in the off position. The coach is equipped with AGS, but it is stored indoors, and cannot be used. The Sat. radio and GPS Nav is also hard wired to store memory, but uses just a couple mah. As said previously, the ECM also needs a few electrons for memory. At this point, every 2 weeks I will go take it out, drive it and run the genset for an hour. Camping season is starting and hopefully will not be an issue again. Thank you all for your input!
  14. The coach is stored indoors with no access to shore power. I did not get a inverter manual and had to download it from the internet. I am now learning how many things are hot wired to the 12v bus to keep the stored memory in each item. The latest update on Fleetwood's website, says to start the coach and gen set at least twice a month for a minimum of 1 hour. That would have been good to know! Anyway, tomorrow I am going to tear into it to try and find where all the electrons are going...... Thank you for your support!
  15. Thank you... Tomorrow I go on the search for the "wire hooked up on the wrong side thing"! Even though the fridge is 120 ac, the control module still gets power somehow. The first thing I did was look at all the batts. They all look clean and fresh. No corrosion and all terminals are tight and sealed with the red spray stuff? Can't think of a better term! The house batts are the old school lead acid type. the chassis batts are sealed LA. Starting to get a bad feeling...
  16. We have a 2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35M. Even with both battery disconnect switches in the off position, the batteries will be drawn down in 2 weeks while in storage. The manuals are worthless. I have tried searching everywhere I can think of to find the drain. It has a Whirlpool residential refer, and I came across an obscure paragraph about it still pulling power in the off position. No idea how much. Our old DP could go for a month in storage, and not affect the batts. Being new, I would think the batts are in good shape. Anyone else having this problem? MT
  17. Yes, you can do that... but a more simple way is to take the magnet off the wood frame and tape it securely to the black switch. Then, secure the assembly and wires so it will not interfere with bed movement.
  18. It is a poorly designed system to prevent you from retracting the slide out unless the bed is fully up. I had to bypass the magnetic switch to be able to drive the coach to the dealer for repair. If you take the switch out, it will be on you to remember to make sure the bed is fully up, before bringing the slide in (crush damage).
  19. I went to Pressure Pro's website to look for price and availability, no luck there. Any help please?
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