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  1. Uh, ya know, that makes perfect sense! I appreciate you responding. Never thought about this before and, to date I’ve never had an issue with clearance but when we pull out near the end of the month I’m going to measure it. Thanks again sir!
  2. Bought an old 5th wheel hitch. I’ve had it for years. Works great. No issues. Pull a 5th wheel rv. My question is this. Is there a formula for adjusting? Currently it sits in the middle height. I could raise it 2 more notches or lower it 2 more notches. Never had a problem with clearance but got to thinking about it again and thought I’d put the question out there. Thanks!!
  3. You may be on your way by now but we loved the KOA in Mt Pleasant, SC. Minutes from Charleston and beaches to get your feet wet. We drove our 41 foot DP and a toad and had plenty of room. They also have a very large lake on site. We’re going back soon!
  4. I talked to RV Glass Solutions this morning. Very nice young lady on the other end but they don't stock the gaskets, but if they could get the gaskets, they don't have a shop that can do the repair in the Charlotte, NC area. Or, I could take a 3 hour trip to one of their shops stay in a motel a couple days while the repair is done and the sealant dries. So I decided to stick with the shop I've been dealing with and they will come to my house and make the repair about the end of this month. But I really do appreciate you folks being there and your advice given.
  5. Very interesting. May get by without using duct tape. Harbor Freight is on the way........
  6. Gonna give RV Glass Solutions a call. And, yea, I'm gonna duct tape the windshields and get our coach home. Thanks folks!
  7. Put my 41' 2005 Thor Mandalay 40D dp in the shop for some repairs and service first of April. Repairs are complete but while it was there I needed to have both windshields re set with new gaskets. Was given the name of a local glass co that "could handle this". Called them. They suggested I not drive it anymore until they got the gaskets and repaired. Then they called a few days later with bad news. Couldn't find the gaskets, would have to be made and earliest could get mid May and total with repair would be about $2600. Bit my tongue but said go ahead. Well mid May has come and gone. New date by mid June. Called them today and they really don't know. Supposedly working with the window mfg. Have sent 2 separate emails to Thor, no response to either. We've already had to cancel 2 trips, one of them being our 42nd wedding anniversary. Totally frustrated. I reached out to 2 or may be 3 national RV glass sites about the end of April but got no return call from any. I'm putting duct tape on the windshield next week and getting it home . Any help would be so appreciated!
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