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  1. Sent pictures to Jayco and dealer as soon we found it. It makes me sick!!! No fault but my own. I kick myself for not going over the roof my self. Looks like a surface crack. The crack is about 10" right on the ridge where it rolls down. Also a 1 incher right below that. Looks to me like maybe water got in there and froze and broke where the little one is at. Hope not much water damage! Talked to Jayco and he said they would take care of us completely. Just wondering if I should get a whole new top or just have it patched....... Thank you for your reply.
  2. Took delivery Jayco Alante 2017-found crack in the roof next day after we cleaned it. Intentionally hand washed and inspected the unit personally for these very reasons. We take it back to show the service dept. tomorrow morning. We want our money back or a new unit. Is this possible? Has anyone experienced this? Could have probable/possible water damage, etc. This was our first motorhome purchase. Thanks for your help in advance.
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