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  1. Replaced both elements, propane up and running. Thanks to all!
  2. Thanks all! New elements on order. Propane works after cleaning out the chamber. After the new elements are in and working, I’ll replace the controller board as well. I’ll check for continuity between the hozed element and the frame. It’s interesting that it ohms out at 60 if it’s shorted somewhere.
  3. Thanks Herman! I know of at least one recall htat was done, but wasn't aware of a second one. The LED in the little box is off, and there's no yellow dust. The troubleshooting chart in the service manual says I need to replace the controller, so I managed to find one that I can pick up in the morning. I'll try to remember to post the result.
  4. After three years of RV bliss with our 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor, we decided it's time to downsize to a Class C. (The wife promised to learn how to drive it, but then decided it was too big.) After locating a buyer, I started going through things to make sure they all work. And of course, as you can see in the title, the fridge is acting funky. Or not acting at all. I cranked it up on auto and got both "nO FL" and "nO AC" errors. I opened up the cover and saw the 5A fuse on the controller board was blown. So I started troubleshooting and here's what I found at the end of the morning (I'm connected to 20A shore power): No matter what I did all morning, it won't fire on LP. I smell gas as I hear it trying to ignite, but nada. All the display diagnostics say everything is working fine, but it just doesn't light. A very last thought I had was this: Will it even fire up if the unit isn't close to being level? (It's not. Afraid to lift the rear wheels off the ground to make it level.) Both heating elements ohm out at 60, give or take about an ohm. If I connect heating element #1 by itself, it seems to run: When I put it in AC mode, it never goes into "nO AC." At the moment, the jury is still out as to whether or not it cools. If I connect heating element #2 by itself, the GFCI breaker in my garage trips. This happens if I plug the fridge directly into an extension cord from the garage, or if I plug into the on-board AC outlet in the outside compartment. If I connect both heating elements, the 5A fuse blows (pretty spectacularly, I might add). And here are my potential conclusions: Bad controller. Maybe the heating element relay failed & can't handle two elements? Plus the LP is never cranking up. Bad heating element. Things blow up when element #2 is plugged in. If they need replacing, then I suppose I should do both at once. Unit not level keeps the LP from lighting. Easy to test, and will check later today. Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can impart some wisdom!
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