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  1. Mct

    Balancing Beads

    Yesterday had 6 Michelin XRV tires installed. Instead of what I call normal balancing procedure they used counteract balancing beads. I took it for a test drive on the freeway and the ride was really smooth. Does anyone have any feedback because this is the first I have heard about these beads. Thanks Mark
  2. All thanks there is a 2 inch gap between the rock guard and pavement, so I think I'm good to go with that and med flaps. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks for ideas I'm going for a drive next week and will check the gap between the bottom and pavement. With the diesel up front I'm not concerned with air flow. The jeep is at stock height. Will let you know how it goes. Mark
  4. I'm learning is this because the rockgaurd might reflect the debris into the TOAD where with the mud flaps there already down?
  5. First post for a new member and thanks for the reading on a lot of subjects. Newly retired and getting ready for our first trip. Bought our first Motorhome used 32ft Fred and had everything done to attach our jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. I want to protect it and have mud flaps and a rockgauard already attached when we bought it. The question is is it enough or should I consider the attachment to thr blueox tow bar? Any help is appreciated Mark
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