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  1. I would also be interested in the Seneca. I've been also looking into the Dynamas DX3 and the Renegade Verona. I would appreciate any comments on those coaches too. Thanks for posting.
  2. Thank you Blake and Bill. We do have big mirror with the round convex mirrors, but even turning them out didn't seem to help. I'll look at getting another one and perhaps positioning it at a different angle. I also thought about maybe a side view camera that pointed to the right might work, but they're so expensive. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I've never commented on a forum before, so please excuse me if I'm using this improperly. We have recently purchased a B plus motorhome and have encountered an issue with visibility on approaching vehicles on the right. We had stopped at the end of an exit ramp of an interstate an we wanting to turn left. The road from the right was angled in such a way that I could not see approaching traffic through the passenger window. My husband who was the passenger had to almost put his head out the window to see if it was clear. My question is, are there mirrors I can install that would give me a wider view from the drivers seat out the passenger window. Thank you for any comments.
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