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  1. Mike, If you are really interested in towing the Encore I would find out for sure if its towable or not. As in the case of a vehicle I want to use - the Kia manual says no to flat towing and no to dolly towing expect in emergencies. But a KIa TSB says all manuals and DCT's are towable. Thus a TSB may provide other information over riding the manual. Also as a GM product I would check to see if Chevy has a vehicle on the same platform and if its towable. I would also attempt to contact the author of the article. And after all that work you might find out it is towable but no one makes a base plate. Which is what I think is going to happen on my 2020 Kia Optima EX Premium. The following was taken from the 2020 Towing Lineup guide: "Any front-wheel-drive Kia vehicle equipped with a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) or a manual transaxle can be towed four wheels down. For four-wheels-down towing, these conditions must be met, according to Kia Technical Service Bulletin number 018 (Rev 4, 05/24/2019): DCT/transaxle oil is at the recommended level; DCT/transaxle is in correct working order; parking brake is released; gear shift is in neutral; steering wheel is unlocked with the key in the ignition and in the “ACC” position; when key is in the “ACC” position, ensure all accessories are turned off to prevent battery drain, and/or provide 12-volt backup to support battery power; front tires are the same size; tire pressures are equal and inflated to recommended pressure; vehicle is towed from the front." Again the Kia manual says no to 4 wheel down towing and no to dolly towing expect in emergencies. I hope I can find a base plate. Larry
  2. I am confused. I am looking at the digital version of the 2021 FMCA Towing Guide and it says Encore GX. Also I just left a Buick dealer and according to the owners manual of a Buick Encore GX it is not towable. Could someone help me understand what is going on? I would like to get something before the end of the year.
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