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  1. We had a free coach net from the manufacture and picked up a nail in our truck not towing and coach net said they would NOT cover if since we are NOT attached to the RV. We also had FMCA and they said no problem and dispatched a tow truck to change the tire. We were in truck stop when we call and FMCA said it would be 40 minutes to hour before they could get some there. We order lunch and just sat down to eat when the tow truck pulled in. So my only complaint is they got there to fast. GRIN
  2. I was going though brakes on the toad and found that every time the engine brake came on the motor home tail lights would come on the it would apply brakes in the toad. Going down even a small hill on the highway the toad brakes would apply when the engine brake kicked in.
  3. WE have the Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System and it has been in 4 different toads and currently have two toads we can tow 4 down depend on what we going to do on the trip. I like it because I can set it not to apply the brakes on the toad when the engine brake comes on or light braking. No sense having the. toad brakes trying to slow slow down the coach.
  4. Even if the OP has left sometimes good to add in information in case someone searches and finds the thread. Half the time I get my answers searching.
  5. What I would do is weight the coach ready to camp with everyone in it. Then I would take that number and subtract it from the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) to determind the max weight. A friend found that he could only tow about 3500 pounds without exceeding GCWR.
  6. I use mine my TOGO in the house and run my entire house from it. I put 300 gigs on it last month and even doing so 4K HD from Apple TV Plus service. I just put a 12-volt accessory on Togo and run into 110 sockets using the device below. Plus 360 a year (30 bucks a month).
  7. Wingard Togo - I have over 100 gigs last month and not slow down for 360 a year (30 dollars a month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89QcTDdeZPI
  8. Check out TOGO from ATT Here is a link https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/att-360-yr-rv-unlimited-data-plan-now-available-with-togo-roadlink-c2/
  9. I meet a guy at campgrounds that had towing policy from his insurance company. He was broke down on the side of the road and after 3 hours dealing with the CS Rep, they told him that they didn't have a contract in that area with a wrecker service large enough to tow his motorhome. He was told to find someone and have them tow the motorhome and then submit the recipe for reimbursement. He also found out that there was 120.00 limit on towing and as out over 600.00 out a pocket.
  10. The FMCA plan will throttle at 22 GB then it slows down to 600KBS which is only good for things like EMail plus you are stuck in the contract even if you not satisfied with the service. The Pre Paid NON-FMCA plan doesn't have that 22GB throttle and probably one of the best features is that the contract is month to month. I used over 150 GB in 30 day period and still run two Netflix session at the same time without any problems. The PrePay plan is 70.00 a month with a 5.00 discount for being paid my CC. Also if not going to use it you can suspend the account and cost 10.00 to start it back up so not stuck paying for it when you not using it.
  11. I have argued that many times when you have a strong signal the WeBoost will decrease your throughput. When the WeBoost comes in handy is a weak and unreliable signal. MIMO uses multi-channels to and the WeBoost uses a single channel. I agree with the statement above.
  12. If you think about it Verizon is selling unused bandwidth on the towers (ie Network Management) since this plan has the lowest priority. I would think it would be much more likely for the service to downhill to the point that not worth the money then Verizon shutting down the services.
  13. We over 120 Gig used on new Prepay Verizon Jetpack and still can watch Netflix on two TVs with one them running 4K and still post this message and all of it over the Jetpack.
  14. We've got the prepaid plan mention in the first post and its plan number Verizon #28366. We are running two smart TVs on Netflix and have exceeded 57 gigs of downloading. There is network management according to the sales rep but we have had zero slow down but there isn't a hard cap at 22 gigs. We ran two computers and IPad on youtube and two smart TVs on Netflix and NO BUFFERING. So far it works and 70 bucks a month with 5 dollars off for prepay. We purchased the Verizon Jetpack MiFI7730L which supports 4G and 3G LTE with 15 connections and external antenna. It said on the website it was out of stock but the local store and them in stock. We were told that there are 22 cities they are rolling out 5G in the first quarter of 2019 and for 50 bucks month you can it installed in your home to replace your home internet service. Samsung supposes to have phones and hotspots out that will run 5g first quarter of 2019 and Apple probably won't announce anything till fall of 2019 or 2020.
  15. Here is more info on the New Unlimited plans and reviews. Plus NO Contract so not stuck if something better comes along
  16. I found the over 65 Club is saving just as much as a lot the discount deals. It's free and comes with a lifetime membership.
  17. Talk to our local guys and they said the would be glad to switch me over when my current contract was up.
  18. Looks like Verizon has changed their unlimited plan policy of capping the data. Here is the announcement: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-overhauls-prepaid-introducing-unlimited-data-plans-for-jetpacks/#limitation
  19. There is lot s of places to boondock for free in the area if you are interested in doing it. Boondock Grand Tetons Some more sites you might want to look at.
  20. Not towing you might want to look at Lake Side Rv Park. It's located by the lake and within walking distance of old town. The park is run by the City of Branson and has great WIFI, level spots and friendly staff with large pull thru and some back in. There are several nice place to eat and upscale shopping district within walking distance of the RV park. There Farmer market (forget what days) and Bass Pro shop also withing walkin distance. There is also a couple of bus stop in the park with trolley type bus. You can also withing walking distance of the train depot.
  21. That is because the L11 had T-Canes made out ceramic for fuel jets. The hole in the middle for fuel and holes around the out side using balancing air to keep the flame away fro the T-Canes. If the air was unbalanced it would case the flame to touch the T-Canes and burn the end right off and dump fuel into the combustion chamber. I have seen them spit N1 and N2 turbine blades out the back of the engine and spin compressor so fast it would stretch the blades and they would touch compress half liners. L13 was the first one that used metal jets but still depended on balancing air to keep the flame away from the jet... Wow what a flash back.... 67n2F VN 68-69 70-71 --- Retired 20 years 16 days but who was counting. Retired as Quality Control Supervisor 67W4F
  22. I got a couple of free copies of Good Sams Motorhome magazine and planning on subscribing to it. I like better it than FMCA especially now they going to have pull behinds.
  23. There are vehicles that state in the owners manual to run engine and shift gears ever so many miles/hours of towing. The automatic Wrangler owner manual doesn't make any mention of having start and shift gears in my owners manual. I have towed mine for about 4000 miles and sometimes several days at a time without start the engine.
  24. The guy down from us has a Cedar Creek and asked him and he said he runs about 23% pin weight. We normally load about 1500 pounds over UVW so that would be 3335 pin weight and our 1 ton Diesel had the payload of 3722 with the hitch, my wife and me we had 3220 left over for pin weight that would put us over. At 16,000 GVWR that would 3680 well over our max payload. I would say you probably be over the trucks GVWR with SRW truck. I would have to recommend a DRW. That is the exact reason I sold my 5er and bought a motorhome. The last weighting I was 3300 under my max payload with my coach and we are carrying more in coach then we every carried in the 5er.
  25. I was told that FMCA Assist will no longer medivac you home but just to the near facility that can care for you and so will Medicare. It will provide a commercial airline ticket home for rehab if needed. But all the Lear Jet medivac stuff has been cut out recently.
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