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  1. You can be a FL resident with Escapees and have an official FL address. The Bushnell DMV, voeters registration, etc. are used to the situation. You end up with 2 addresses, 1 is your residence in FL and the other a mailing address.
  2. Thanks Corona4me - I have revised my search to try to find a 2015 Soul manual to make sure I am covered by Kia. And thanks to John at FMCA for jumping right on this question to see why the information from Kia is different now. I have a GMC Terrain which I could tow but since it would be towed with a B+ I am thinking hauling something that is about 1000 pounds lighter would be a good idea. I do need to keep something large enough that I could move the dogs and cats and me to the car to get around if the RV is not available for use.
  3. I had seen the previously published Technical Service Bulletin 018 last revise in 2015 that the 2 wheel drive manual transmission Kia's could be flat towed. I was about to buy a 2016 and called the company customer service line for Kia to see if this had been updated. Kia reports that beyond model year 2015 their cars can not be flat towed - they are sticking to only the emergency towing listed in the owner manual.
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