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  1. Manholt, Got the deal done. Very happy with the Verizon MiFi 7730L. Reese
  2. All, Dan Ball was extremely helpful with his follow up in contacting Verizon. A Verizon representative contacted me today and discussed the process to acquire the MiFi and establish the service. The representative gave me his contact information and mentioned that if I had problems with purchasing the MiFi or setting up the service to have the store rep or the online customer service rep to contact him. The customer service that Dan Ball and the Verizon rep has provided has been excellent. Reese
  3. Manholt, What was your impression of Tyler Oaks RV Park? Reese
  4. Herman, Thank you for providing Dan Ball's name. I called and talked with Dan this morning and he was very interested in this issue and developed a plan to get it resolved. The information you provided about calling Dan has been the best information provided on this thread regarding a resolution to the problems of enrolling in this Verizon/FMCA program. My family and I live in Tyler, TX. Thanks, Reese
  5. I have completed the Verizon application three times for this benefit and have never received a response. Called the Benefits Department at FMCA twice and all I get is the Plan ID, OST number, and a different phone number to call at Verizon. I have called Verizon three times and have spoken to at least six individuals and none of them have a clue about this program even when the Plan ID and OST number is supplied. When I have called Verizon I have been placed on hold numerous times. It is disappointing that a better implementation program was not developed for this benefit or specific Verizon personnel be used as customer support. Reese
  6. Has anybody that is currently a Verizon customer taken advantage of this program between FMCA and Verizon? Between Christmas and New Years I added two years to my membership with FMCA. I then went to the Verizon enrollment area and completed the information for a current Verizon customer. Did not receive the notification within the 24-48 hour window. Waited an additional week and contacted FMCA who then referred me to Verizon. Verizon stated that I needed to fill out the application again and resubmit. I did this and it has been 72 hours and have received no response from Verizon. Has anybody had this issue with application process? Thanks in advance for any information on how I correct this situation. I posted the above comment an another board. I have read this thread that numerous individuals have had the same problem. Is there a fix that works? From reading the different statements there does seem to be strategy that works 100% of time. Reese
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