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  1. I did not have time today to call Hydac but I was able to swap the front valve (the front jacks seem to be working) with the curbside rear jack valve. It didn't do anything. Could the pump be wearing out to where it can't hold the pressure of the weight of the rear end but is able to stand the weight (pressure) of the front? Later this week, I will jack up the rear with a bottle jack put blocks under the RV jack lower the jack and then lower the bottle jack and find out if the RV jack will collapse or if it will hold the weight. My assumptions will be if it holds the weight there is no problems with any of the valves which means the pump may be bad or my jack system was never supposed to lift the rear of the RV up in the air.
  2. ductedfan, If all 4 of your jacks wouldn't lift then it would be the dump valve. My problem only exist on the rear jacks. Please let me know if your problem was all 4 or just one side. I removed all the solenoids today and they did not look visibly worn. All of them looked to be in the same condition. What did your worn valve look like? What was bad on it? The dump valve on my RV is not the same as the fill valves but I will try to swap the front valve with one of the rears. What I find hard to believe is that both the rear valves are bad. Also, on my system the valves are made by Hydac and I actually found the exact valve on their product catalog. I plan to call them tomorrow and ask them if the valves are bad. They also sell seal kits for the valves in Buna and Viton. Since the valves still actuate, I hope the seal kit is all they need (I will get the Viton better rubber) but again I find hard to believe is that both the rear valves are bad.
  3. I recently got a 2003 Fleetwood PaceArrow- Workhorse (only manual leveling). The first time I took it out I swear I had lifted one of the rear tires off the ground to level it. Last week I was in the same situation but the rear hydraulic jack would not lift pass a certain height no matter how many piece of wood I put under it. It seemed to only lift a certain amount of weight. I just tested the jacks today and found that both rear do not have the full lift capacity and the two front ones can lift the tires off the ground with no hesitation. Reading the manual and looking at the parts diagram, if I was having problems with the dump valve solenoid I would think that all of the jacks would have a problem. I tried to bleed one of the rear jacks (a big mess not recommended) but found no air coming out and did nothing afterwards. Is there something about the powergear systems that I am missing? The system opens up one of the solenoids and starts pumping fluid into the jack and when you stop the valve closes up via a spring that pushes the de-energized solenoid back closed. If there was dirt or a weak return spring you would see the jacks go down only after you stop the pump. If the pump was bad the front jacks wouldn't work. If the jacks have anything to do with it, I found it hard to believe that both jacks have bad internal seals. Help!!
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