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  1. Tom, I understand what you're saying. And I agree that others shouldn't necessarily pay for my activities, benefits, if they aren't using that service. But my frustration is the 100% increase, no matter what I'm paying for I just don't like that kind of markup on anything. If I could see the justification numbers it would be easier to chew on, but since that's not the case a doubling in the cost just seems.......... I'll get past this soon I'm sure. Thanks for your input it was a help. John
  2. I've only had the FMCA mail forwarding service for about 1.5yrs. At first it was a free benefit, nice one at that, so I joined. Then some months (01Jan09) after subscribing to the mail service I was informed that they would need to start a policy of charging $5 per month for a service fee. I thought, probably not a bad idea, so no problem on my part. I just read in a FMCA magazine that the mail forwarding service will "double" the service fee to $10 starting 01Jan10! Wow, a 100% increase in just 1yr? As much as I dislike the idea, I will certainly have to look at another mail service option.
  3. I recently had a similar problem on my 03 Endeavor with Manual Power Gear jacks. When I tried to lift the RV the jacks would touch the ground but not lift the RV at all. What I determined was that the "dump" valve was bad. I swapped out the right rear jack valve with the bad dump valve to test the idea and sure enough the left rear jack and fronts would now take the load and raise the RV, however as expected the right rear jack (with the bad valve) would not even go down. So I ordered a new dump valve and wala, it is all working properly now. On a side note, Power Gear announced that they will not work directly with RV owners as of July 2009, and they will only work with dealers via FAX orders. No phone calls will be received! This process to me over 3 weeks to get the new dump valve, completely unsatisfactory service, If I could call Power Gear I'd tell them so! John
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