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  1. I have a 36-foot Rexhall Class A motorhome and bought a mid-range cover three years ago. We park our coach behind the house and it sits in the hot TX sun all summer. By the end of the first year it began to tear. The fabric is some sort of new stuff; not real fabric. You can't sew it (it tears), can't use iron on tape it (it melts). I babied it the second year, but this year we had some high winds and the thing tore itself to pieces.

    Can someone recommend a good cover that won't fall apart?


  2. Certainly warmer ambient temperatures hurt refrigerator efficiency. Said another way, if there is a problem, it is more likely to show up in warmer ambient temperatures.

    So, let's start by reviewing some of the items that negatively effect refrigerator efficiency:

    1. Make sure freezer and refrigerator door gaskets are air tight. Do the "Dollar Bill" test: Close the door on a $1 (yes, a $100 bill works better-- after all it is an RV) all around the perimeter of each door. Insure that the resistance to pulling the bill out is uniform as you move around the gasket and reasonably difficult to pull the bill out.

    2. Make sure the refrigerator condensate drain has the restrictor in the end. If it does not, warm humid outside air rises into the refrigerator adding heat and lots of moisture.

    3. Check air flow in the back of the refrigerator to insure that there are no restrictions-- insect and animals seem to like to get in and nest in some of these spaces.

    If those check out, let us know and we can "take it to the next level".


    After playing with it some I learned that it works great when on gas, it's just when plugged in it doesn't work well

  3. I have a 2001 Rexhall with a Dometic "New Dimensions" double door model refrigerator/freezer.

    We've been on the road for 8 months now and have noticed a trend. When we are in cooler climates 70s and below everything is fine. However, when we get to warmer outdoor temps; 80 and up; the refrigerator seems to not function well. We actually have moisture in the freezer. I have increased the level 3 to 4 but it doesn't seem to do much. We're currently are at a park and plugged in.

    Any ideas?

  4. I have a 2008 Master Tow dolly with brakes and a Dexter axle. My tires are the ones that came on it new. I've trailered a small Lexus SUV about 1000 miles so far. Here's my problem: my tread pattern has five ribs, one down the center and two on each side. Two of the ribs, not the outsides or center, #2 & #4 are experiencing unusual wear. It's like every couple of inches :rolleyes: the tread lugs are showing severe wear and the ones between very little. The center and outside ribs look fine. I did have the tires inflated to 40 lbs for a while and when I noticed the wear I reduced them to 32 lbs, the maximum recommended listed on the tires. I've noticed no change in wear since lowering the pressure.

    Anyone know what's going on or how to fix this?

  5. I have a 2002 Rexhall RexAir, double slides, a Ford chassis with a V-10. I went to turn on the headlights the other day and nothing happened. The running lights work, but not the headlights. I checked all the fuses and they all appear to be good. I checked voltage at the plug on the back of one of the lamp assemblies, and zero. There are several relays next to the fuse box, but they're not labeled. Any of you have a suggestion?

    I appreciate your help.


  6. I've got a 2002 36-foot Rexhall motorhome with manual air bags; valves are on the side of the coach. The chassis is Ford. I have a slight leak in my right side. I've checked the valve and line for leaks and can't find one. I'm suspecting the raising chamber itself. Is there a way to check this? If it turns out to be leaking, is there a fix or do I replace the bag itself? If that's the case, where can I find one?


  7. We're planning on spending a week or so in the Moab area the end of April 2010. I've got a 36-foot Class A motorhome with a toad. Aside from Internet searches, I'd like to know if any of you have been to Moab; what should we stay away from or seek out? What might be the best place to stay? I appreciate your experience and want to learn from it.

    Thanks, Gary

  8. I'm getting ready to replace the tires on my coach. I have 245/70 19.5 Goodyear 670RV on it now. Is there a difference in a tire for a motorhome and one used on a truck? I had one person caution me to only buy tires made for an RV. Is this true?

    Is anyone using Cooper or Toyo tires?


  9. I need to replace my 245/70 19.5 tires on my Class A motorcoach. The originals are Goodyear 670 RV and they've done well but are 9 years old now according to the DOT date code. I'm considering Cooper RM170s and TOYOs. I believe both are 16 ply.

    Do any of you have experience with Cooper or TOYO tires? I can save about 30% by going with either of these. I look forward to reading your comments.

    Gary in Texas

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