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  1. I have a Winnebago Tour, 40 ft, with 400 hp Cummins 400 and average 7.979 mpg towing a Honda CRV.
  2. Fuel mileage is a difficult thing to determine, to many variables in the equation. I only can speak for myself. I have a Winnebago Tour,40 feet with a 400 Cummins and an auto transmission and get 7.979 mile per gallon on average towing my Honda CR-V. Not bad really. I would like more but I will take it.
  3. Thanks for your valuable input, I will contact someone with industrial experience in this area and see if they can prescribe a solution meanwhile I will dry lube the conduit and hope that will suffice for the time being.
  4. Greetings, I have a 2008 Winnebago Tour with 4 slides. The larger slides in the kitchen and, living area both have a "loom" that runs alongside the slide out screw and support beam under the slide. When you extend the slide this "loom" and the associated wiring and plumbing extend with the slide. When you retract the slide it retracts into a cavity under the slide between the floor and the storage area. The loom is a plastic contraption that looks like a large bicycle chain that houses the wiring and plumbing inside the and carries the wire and hoses through the extension and retraction movement. Essentially it is a device to keep the wires together and out of harms way while you extend or retract the slide. Mine is coming apart at the linked joints and will bundle into a large mess that will push the facia off the side of the coach while bending the facia brackets and creating a terrific mess. It usually takes me about an hour to reassemble this and put the slide in. Has anyone had a problem like this? Any solutions or fixes for my problem? This is happening on both sides and is a real pain.
  5. lforrester

    Head Sets

    Friend I motorhome with has a set of headsets he communicates with is wife while backing up or positioning his coach on a camp site. Does anyone know who makes these or where I can get a pair?
  6. Hello to everyone from a couple of greenhorns from High Point, N.C. We have just recently, within the last two months, bought our first motorhome: a 2008 Winnebago Tour. We pulled a camper for a short time before we took the plunge and bought the coach. My lovely wife just fell in love with the motorhome life and now wants to go full-time when she retires in a couple of years. We have made some great friends in the last month or so, some of them our neighbors who have motorhomes. Our travels to date have been confined to the Carolinas, but soon we hope to extend our range and go to other parts of the country. We look forward to seeing many of you in the future.
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