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  1. Hello Arla & Chuck I would suggest 20 days in each Island would give you a more relaxed time frame to see our country. I would recommend Kea rentals www.keacampers.com Jan is the high season for holidays in NZ & things can be busy Feb/ March would be my recomendation. Yes camps have power, tell me what your specail interests are & I will be happy to advise you an itinerary to suit. Regards Roger Wallis Email ppanther@xtra.co.nz
  2. Hello there Michael from way down under here in NewZealand, I am a member of the NZMCA (8392) 15 years of experience on the road here. We are in the early stages of planning a trip through the USA by motorhome. Wondering what the campsite charges are on average $$. Do you recommend freedom camping in your country as we do here? We would probably purchase a vehicle over there rather than rent for the 6 or 12 months we propose to spend there not sure what we would purchase would not want anything to big as we would want to cover a lot of miles as ecenomically as possable. Do you know what sort of money we would pay for storage should we decide to store & return later for a second trip. I am led to beleive that it is very difficult for Kiwi's to get insurance over there, would appreciate any advice from anyone on touring, vehicle types,etc. Only to pleased to be of any assistance to FMCA members planning to come down here for motoring holidays. Have done itineraries for several Americans already, Our motorhome is 10.6 meter Mitsubishi Fuso Bus converted by me in 1999, was x Japanese school bus weighs in at 12 Tons. Regards to all Roger
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