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  1. Guys, Thank you for this great advise and I will look into the RRR. I have to keep telling myself not to over think this.. We have water coming in and water going out and somewhere in between there is a water heater and a filtered water, Washing Machine, Refrigerator. we also have Propane gas, lets not even get into the electrical. Wow .. Bill, Yes the owner had them winterized it with the pink stuff (?) researching now - Pink Antifreeze. So once I flush this stuff out then I understand that I am supposed to treat my fresh water tank with a small amount of Clorox (Bleach) drive it on a winding road to help disperse in the tank then empty and fill a couple of times. Once I am done with rinsing then I can install a new water filter. I will be looking through some Youtube videos to help get my confidence going.. :). Herman, Thank you for the invite and I will take you up on it as the more information I can soak up the better. Thanks agian all.
  2. Carl, Thanks I will take you up on that when I do make it all the way out West. I live just Northeast of Dallas Fort Worth in a little community called Blue Ridge, Texas- I would love to go to Newport Oregon and try some of the infamous Clam Chowder. I brought my family there once and we went from Oregon up to Seattle and back and they still talk about how much fun that was. Concerning my coach - I purchased from a wonderful family in Oklahoma and he had it winterized and I am going to de-winterize prior to taking it to Rexburg Idaho this weekend. I will definitely look into getting connected with my local CC chapter.
  3. Has anyone had an issue with the "Panasonic CQ-VA707WEUC " in Dash Stereo / Rear Camera Display" not ejecting and only providing a three beep audible response when you touch power, tilt or the eject button? What are my options? I have looked in my owners manual but can't find a troubleshooting section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Manny
  4. Congrats Carl, What models have you ownded and what do you like the most about the Country Coach make. I had a choice between a 2005 Fleetwood Revolution and this 2001 Country Coach Magna. I believe I made the right decision but there is a lot that I don't know. Thanks again for the information,
  5. Brain Trust, I am a new member to the FMCA community and a recent proud owner of a 2001 Country Coach Magna "Haven" series Class A diesel. I am entirely new to the sport and I am having to come up to speed as quick as I can in an effort to prepare me for a trip from Texas to Rexburg Idaho. I will have multiple questions but for now I need to Dewinterize my coach in prep for this trip. Where is a source I can turn to for DIY support? Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, New Timer (Manny)
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