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  1. 2000 Safari Continental MH The floor that opens and closes over entry steps is too fast for our comfort, is there a way to adjust this?? Thank you, Rob

    Leveling Alarm

    I greatly appreciate all who have supported me since I bought my 2000 Safari Continental in Jan. 2017. The alarm from the leveling device stays on after I retract them and usually takes a while to go off. The alarm also beeps when I go over speed bumps. I did find the reservoir under the bed which was full. My air pressure for the air bags when full is 110 psi. What would this alarm indicate??? Thank you, Rob


    Yes thank you!!!


    Auto part stores are requesting whether this Magnum Chassis is built by Ford or Chevy even though I tell them it's a Magnum Chassis and a diesel pusher they still need to know?


    I have a 2000 Safari Continental with a Magnum Chassis built in 1999. Also, what does the title TAGS refer to at the top of topic page?


    Yes, I have a 2000 Safari Continental with a Magnum Chassis, I was told the chassis was built in 1999 and coach was built in 2000. What does TAGS refer to on the top of topic page?


    I need to identify who made my chassis (Ford, Chevy) as when I buy parts they want to know this. I was told it was made by Ford, is this correct?? Also, what goes in to TAGS at top of page? Thank you, Rob
  8. Previously I asked for help with my brake lights not working when brake pedal was applied, so I needed to find the fuse box. I was told from several sources where they might be located but to no avail. This morning I called Monaco for the second time and talked to a gal named Deb who finally gave me a great answer which was that the 1999~2000 Safari Continental's were not made with fuses but relays only. What a relief I finally have, so now I can isolate the relay using one of the K-6 ~K9 which are all compatible to see if the brake relay is not good. Please pass on to all who may not know this from the lay people as well as the tech's in this industry.
  9. My prior electrical light problem (signal switch malfunctioning-- all signals were activated when I had right signal on), there was a switch under dash that I replaced ($12.) from parts store resolved this problem. New problem is all lights work but my brake lights won't work when I press on the brake pedal???? Could this be a fuse and if so where are they located? My coach Safari Continental was mfg in 1999 but sold as a 2000. Rob
  10. Following up on my problem, I did switch the headlights previously even though the parts rep said he didn't think the lights were specifically designated for a left or right. This problem happens with engine off or on! Already tested by changing the tilt and wheel position!
  11. With no key in ignition engaging the left or right turn signals both sides blink and when I use engage the low or high beam driving lights they are opposite meaning low is high beam and visa versa. Tried to change the tilt and extending driving wheel as suggested with no change. Anything else I can try??? Thank you!! Rob
  12. thank you KSMITH I'll switch the connectors n see what happens!
  13. I have a 2000 Safari Continental my turn signals are malfunctioning. When I use the right signal they don't work but the left side comes on and when I engage the left signal they work. When I engage the bright driving the low beam comes on and visa versa. I've only had this RV since January and didn't notice this occurrence. History so far I've replaced house batteries and replaced several light bulbs along with putting LED driving lights since the old ones were very weak. Would appreciate any insight to correct the problem. I was told that a grounding problem could cause this if the lights are dim but they are all bright. Thank you, Rob
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