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  1. The engine is a 6.7L Duramax paired with the Allison transmission. The rig is a 2007 Jayco Seneca 34SS. I have the same setup in my 2008 GMC 2500 Sierra and have run almost dry routinely. Tank capacity is only 25 gal, however. I am about to have the Seneca serviced after 4000 miles, I'll ask about the filters.
  2. I am relatively new to RVing but have 2 decades of experience on diesel boats. Boats have vented tanks and occasionally they need to have the fuel removed to get out the water and sludge at the bottom that accumulates over time from condensation. Is this the case with RVs? My MH has an 80 gal tank and I am afraid to go much below a quarter tank or it may plug up my filters and bring my trip to grinding halt at the side of the road. My MH is 10 years old with about 40K miles - so its sat a bit, I bought it in March 2017. How far down the gage can I comfortably go down to? So far I have left 15 gal or so but would rather not stop if I don't have to. Thanks for all your responses.
  3. Thanks, this list is different that MH Magazine's version. I also see it has the Hyundai Accent and it has no restrictions on speed or distance. I'll go check that one out....
  4. Trying to decide on best tow vehicle and have narrowed down to Honda FIT and Kia Soul. Both would be manual. Honda FIT dropped of the towable list after 2013, Soul I don't think it was ever on it. But I read some blogs say it can be if its manual - and I saw one going down the road from the Casino near my house. I like the Soul but I like the FIT better. Anyone tow a FIT? Can it be flat towed after 2013?
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