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  1. Wow their prices really went up in 2 years, 12x12x3/4 is $29 now and 1.5 inch is $47. I was looking for something like this, wish the prices hadn't went up so much
  2. Going to Bristol, Talladega, and Kentucky...more maybe. Went to Darlington, Talladega and Charlotte last year
  3. We'll be at Bristol too! Camping at the Landing Campground and sitting in the DW section
  4. Planning on calling Monday morning. Thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had a similar situation and could answer the question.
  5. The question is why is the price listed on the FMCA page 3058.86 and the charge from Michelin 3384.15?
  6. The price of 367.08 is for the total labor of putting tires on, dismount/remount, remove/install, computer balance each tire (X6 tires) . The tires are billed by Michelin.
  7. The fee for the labor at the tire place were a separate charge, I knew that going in. The 3384.15 to Michelin is just the tires.
  8. Yesterday I bought 6 Michelin XZA2 275 70 22.5 tires for my motorhome. The tire lookup table list them at 509.81 (FMCA Price + FET Tax). Does this mean 509 for tire PLUS the excise tax or 509 INCLUDING the tax? I ask because my credit card was charged 3384 for 6 tires which is 564 a tire. When you use this price plus installation charges I saved 41 dollars over what the dealer quoted me before I told him I was a member of FMCA.
  9. Hello, we have a 2002 Holiday Rambler Endeavor and enjoy going to NASCAR races. We plan on doing more this year and are planning a trip to the beach.
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