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  1. MerryMary I strongly suggest that you look up the Safari groups of FMCA. We have a Beaver of the Safari era and just hooked up with the Safari club by accident. What a great and helpful group of people. Keith
  2. Dan and Donna. Wow, how many generations of kids have come through your classes and think of all those lives you have influenced. Good job! re: Finding people to travel with may be as simple as joining the right chapter or group. Carol and I are dedicated Beaver members and are about to depart for an impromptu get together with 8 or 10 others. This will be a casual get together and happily only 50 miles from our home. There are many ways to enjoy this fabulous country which we are so blessed to live in. After all you have paid for much of it all your working life so find a way that works for you. Safe travels and God bless Keith and Carol Moffett
  3. Hello Siddy, Come to the USA and join the fun in a motorhome. Think about flying into Seattle (SEATAC) airport and renting there. Several rental options are available as mentioned above. From there it is about 500 miles or so to Yellowstone. While in the Seattle area, consider a trip to the Hoh rain forest in western Washington. Go to Port Angeles, then Forks (all about the Twilight books), then on to the rain forest. This would give you time to familiarize yourself with our style of RV's. We live in Port Angeles and often help folks with rentals that were not introduced properly to the RV setup and so on. We also have several folks living here in town from Britain who came to visit and stayed. Keith
  4. Beautiful Coach. Hope you are having fun in it.
  5. One point that I may have missed in the above posts. Allison says that when climbing steep or long grades, keep an eye on the transmission temp gague. If the tranny goes over 220 deg. shif down one gear to bring up the RPM and better cool the transmission. Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts. I too am still learning but my first "mountain trip" was the cabbage patch in Ore.
  6. We have stayed in motels in SeaTac and seen large motorhomes at the rear of the lot. The folks told us that the owners were going to return to them so I assume they were allowing their customers to store the MH there for a time. You might try Ramada Inn north International blv. or Holiday Inn near by.
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