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  1. I had a somewhat similar issue on my 2010 HR Endeavor 42 SKQ a couple years ago. The air gauge pressures would fluctuate. The issue worsened to the point where the low air warning would initiate, sounding the low air alarm. Even though the air supply tanks had full air pressure. Then suddenly the low air warning would stop sounding, and pressures would show normal. After several helpful suggestions from forum members. And checking every possible area for leaks. At one point I ordered and replaced the electric dash gauge. This still didn't correct the problem. The issue with mine ended up being the module above the gauges, that contains all of the warning lights. turn signals indicators high beam, etc. I also have the Roadmaster Chassis. This component is the control module for the air gauges, tachometer, basically all functions in the dash is processed thru this module. I hope this is helpful. This was a tuff issue to troubleshoot. Since technical support appears to be non-existent from both Roadmaster & REV Group. Good luck.
  2. Back in November I was having issues with my air pressure alarm & gauge readings. Thank you to all that offered solutions. The problem ended up being the main dash display module. I hit nothing but brick walls attempting to find a repair facility. I tried REV and Roadmaster. REV technical support basically told me I'd have to bring it in for diagnosis. They don't provide technical assistance over the phone. So I said fine, when can I bring it? August 2018 is the next opening. Really!!! I tried to purchase the gauge I suspected to be causing the false alarm. Rev didn't have it, and couldn't tell me when they could locate one. What a joke. So in desperation I reached out to a salvage dealer. I purchased both the tach/frt & rear gauge, and the display, $600.00 each. The problem wasn't the gauge, it was the main display module. All is fine now except. When it powers up the screen reads software version: 7 . My defective one reads software version: 8. Does any of you know what that's saying? Also the odometer apparently is stored in the module as well. My coach has 43K miles on it. The replacement reads 32K miles. Is there a place that could possible repair, or update the software version and correct the actual mileage? The display module is a Medallion part# 1539-10233-19 dated 05/ 02/2008. As always any help will be greatly appreciated. Bigkelly
  3. I agree with all. My levelers are hydraulic, but while under the rear, I raised tires high enough to use 3" pads under both drive and tag axles. I carry a 20 ton hydraulic jack, that I also placed under vertical pivot section for trailing arm. Thanks to all. If anybody is interested I have the air system schematic/ drawing for the Monaco/Holiday Rambler coaches. I would be happy to share or post. Is there a special section to post info such as described. Kelly
  4. Brett, I did verify gauge reading versus air pressure at the tanks as you'd advised. I checked the front from air chuck fitting, and rear from remote tank drain. Both readings matched dash gauge pressure reading. Thanks for all comments.
  5. Update. With the help from **** & Lois rear air pressure issue is to a point I feel is safe to make our return home trip. After speaking with REV tech support ( no help). And checking every line, fitting, valve, air bag, parking & service brake canisters front to rear. ZERO leaks. As last straw increased governor setting. Front air now around 125 psi rear 78 +. Can't explain the pressure differential between front and rear. will take to REV for diagnosis.
  6. I checked the air supply at the auxiliary connector and it was around 105 psi. The air drier cycles as is should. Above the drive axle are 2 air valves that have electrical twist lock type plugs including air lines attached to each. Possibly. the air dump valves. They look like a quick release valve, with an electrical trigger wire to each. I'm assuming they are a type of unloader/ exhaust valve. I checked the 2 mechanical leveling valves on the drive axle. linkages and connections are all tight. Due to the way the coach is setting now I could reach them. When I checked the service air pressure my front supply tank showed 106 on the gauge. The rear showed 65 psi with the low air led illuminated alarm on. Possibly it could be a pressure sensor malfunctioning for the rear tank. I cant see nor tell where the pressure switch is actually located. Unless somebody know a better method. I would have to remove the drain plug and attempt to connect a gauge directly to the supply tank to verify the reading on the dash gauge is right or wrong . Any ideas.
  7. I'm referring to the suspension pressure. I have 2 gauges 1 for the front 1 for the rear. It doesn't have an actual service/ brake air supply gauge. Thanks for the reply. I've been front to rear and cant find a leak. I wonder if a leveling control valve could be dumping the rear pressure. It has total 4 bags for the drive axle and 2 bags for the tag. the coach sets up straight all 4 corners. I 'm scratching my head. and of course I'm on the road.
  8. 2010 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 42skq. Guys, My air pressures are acting up. The rear is dropping down into the low 60's. The front stays higher around 107 ps, but also is fluctuating . The pressures are erratic especially on the rear. Its will rapidly go between 63 to 77 psi. I've checked for leaks, and have none. The air drier cycles, but for whatever reason the pressures are acting up. Anybody ever experienced this? The temps are above freezing in Oklahoma so I've sort of ruled that out. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Big Kelly
  9. Rich, All the fuses are okay. I'll check and clean all the battery terminations. There is a possibility the pc card failed. I've seen it happen many times over the years One particular front end loader I used to work on had 7 controller boxes loaded with them. It was a Letourneau diesel/ electric drive machine. It utilized a diesel prime mover direct coupled to an ac generator. The ac was converted to dc thru the solid state conversion system. The pc cards can fail for numerous reasons. heat, dust, moisture, vibration, voltage spikes. etc.. Not sure what took mime out. I assure you I will determine the root cause of the failure. You mentioned my background. 27 years with my current employer. 10 of those was as journeyman heavy equipment mechanic. And the past 17 years managing a mining operation. I have repaired any heavy mining equipment we 've used. Cummins electronic control certified, Detroit Diesel Electronic control certified, Industrial fluid power hydraulics certified, Payhauler hauler certified. built many Cummins, Detroit engines. Build Harleys Davidsons for fun. I've worked and repaired just about anything on wheels or tracks over the years. 2 unique machine we operate and maintain at my location are Marion 7400B electric draglines. They are 1948 year models and run everyday. They sure don't build machine like that anymore. Thanks for the reply back. Kelly
  10. 2 chassis batteries. Here is a pic of what $1,200 buys you.
  11. Bill, 1 power control card with mini fuses, relay, basically it is only the part of the run box that failed. I will post a picture later today.
  12. Rich, The lower left enlarged circled drawing is the component that shorted out. The arrow drawn is indicating its location if viewed from access door opening. Kaypsmith. I have the same concern pertaining to what caused the short. I located the component thru REV group. WOW $1,200.00 It is being shipped. When I spoke to REV technical support the best answer was, it could've been moisture or something just failed. The bottom line they had nothing to offer. I'm mechanically inclined. Journeyman heavy mining equipment for many many years. I can accept a electrical component failing. But the what if, is running in the back of my mind. The area we reside has 0 shops or repair facilities. I've not looked into any other damage. The front relay/ fuse compartment is okay. I will test batteries, alternator, and attempt to inspect as many connections, and trace wiring sources. Thank you all for your feed back. If I locate the actual cause, which may end up simply being a circuit breakdown I will post my finding. Kelly
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