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  1. Has anyone used this "Tailgater" from Dish? Would it have the moisture & rain problems of other dome units that I see complaints about. I am looking at going with Dish at home and tiring to learn what to use on the RV.
  2. I will try to give you some ideas. First under the slide where you see paneling will the panel come out easily? Sometime the "works" is under a trim panel. Then also with the slide open even slightly, hold open the rubber seals and see if their are any wheels or rollers, if so lube with silicone spray with teflon. On my unit the rear slide is not a full wall slide and is moving only on nylon glides, these will wear out, but spray helped a bunch. I also read on another post to wax the outside walls of the slides with Carnuba brand wax. Not sure what helped the most but the spray and carnuba stopped the squeal. Let me know what you find.
  3. I love all the commits on changing the oil. On my Ford V10 I found my oil filter on so tight i needed to borrow a Jaws Of life just to loosen it. I broke a plastic filter wrench, then bent the filter with a strap wrench. With the borrowed wrench i turned it a full turn using all the strength i had . I think they used an impact wrench to put it on. I will also buy a after market drain plug to keep the oil off the cross member. I wonder why Ford would design this into the chassis? Also thanks for the grease point locations but do not forget to check the U-joints for grease. This site is great for a newbie like me. Don
  4. RE: DOT code dating. This is great info for a newbe like me. i just bought a 99 Winnebago with 49,000 miles on it. My DOT is 368. As i understand it that is the 36th week of 1998. So they are the original Goodyear tires on the coach. I am in discussion with the dealer to get some help on replacing the tires as someone should have seen this and not sold the coach with old tires. I like the idea of replacing two tires per year but i wonder if in this case i should replace all of them? great info guys. thanks
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