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  1. Thank you both. The system is Power Gear. I spoke to a technician and sent photos same day. As of today, no response back. As to the chain and turnbuckle, that seems like a hassle and a design flaw in the system overall. Best wishes All
  2. The left rear jack suddenly failed and bent out about 5 degrees while I was leveling my 2015, Fleetwood Southwind 34A. I can see a bracket has failed. I was on a level gravel lot. Have had problems with the right rear jack not fully deploying and I had to manually adjust. The dealer examined the jacks last year and found nothing wrong. This was after I found a sheared off bolt in each of the base plates. I took pictures and saved the bolts but the dealer and the Fleetwood could not explain. Fleetwood even said the bolts could have been left on the rail during manufacture. Now I am faced with repairs to the jack and who knows what else, The RV is within GVRW of 22K lbs, as i weighed the RV. This is my first Class A, and although I am new to RVing, I follow the instructions closely while leveling. All Slideouts in, etc. BTW, I purchased new and have other major recurring problems with this motor home since purchase. The first 15 months of ownership, it has been in the shop for warranty work over 110 days. As to repairs to the jack, I found a company in North Jacksonville FL who said they can fix it. Any idea How Much?
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