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  1. Yes, single center motor with 2 bar axles to each rack and pinion set... When you mention side to side adjustment, how would that be done ? Slide seams seem to be about the same when retracted and I have the slide adjusted within 1/8" to each other (slide out measurement). Do not think there are teeth missing on the rack itself as have looked with a remote cam and all looks fine. Seems to be just the last 4" or so I will here the gear jump and then I am 1" to 2" further out on the leading edge. I then release pin, move gear over and realign to within 1/8" and start over again. Have adjusted height of slide on the individual rail adjustments to try to lower the outer (rack) portion down to the inner (pinion) but does not improve. I would think if it was motor, the front side would lag or skip as well. Only the rear of the slide. Front travels to full extension as it should and the rear lags the last 4-6" as stated. It obviously skips a few teeth on the spur gear so it seems somehow the rack is raising above the pinion (spur gear) in that 4-6". Old spur gear had some shiny spots on a few of the teeth but is measured out fine. I'm thinking you may be on to something in that the slide skews in the last bit of travel, which could be a side to side issue. Please let me know your thoughts Thanks
  2. Hi all, we have a 2007 Country Coach Inspire DaVinci - 40' w/3 Slides. Build # 52000. Slide system on this slide is a Power Gear Rack & Pinion. Centered slide motor with steel tubing axles to gear axle. Slide is the DS large slide (32" x 12'). What Happened: When going to retract slide after a 3 day stay (no weather issues), front of slide started retracting fine and rear of slide stuck. With the help of a campground person, able to push in and up to get slide retracted. What was found: Later in the trip, I looked in the basement bay area and found the following: Shear bolts only hand tight - tightened to spec (14 ftlbs) Centered slide motor mounts bolts loose - tightened to spec. What it did: Slide would seem to skip gears thus offsetting slide alignment- Front operating normally with rear lagging but only on the last 4-6" on deployment and initial 4-6" on retraction.. What I have done: Replaced Spur Gear and set screws. Replaced front and rear rollers. Replaced shear pins and added washers so shear pins were tight. Adjusted slide height thinking the inner rail was dropping from the outer rail and not allowing teeth (gear rail) to engage with spur gear (inner rail). All to no avail. All happens in the last 4-6" of travel. It is a flat floor slide typical of Fleetwood and many others. Took to slide specialist and had to show them how the system worked....not a great day. Help
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