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  1. I have an 07 Monaco Dynasty and am needing to replace an air bag on my tag axle. Rev Group will only give me their internal part #10108394 and told me all 10 on coach are same. Rev quoted $418.77 plus shipping for 1 (about 3 or 4 times what it should be). This leads me to a couple questions. 1. Do I merely measure the exterior bag deflated and compare to the 3 bags that were listed at beginning of topic? 2. How likely will I start experiencing more bag failures. I only have 55k miles and kept indoors out of sunlight when not traveling. 3. If someone has current Rev Group part # 10108394 already cross referenced and can provide I would certainly appreciate it so I don't have to crawl under and try and measure. 4. How as a group could we fight back on price gouging from our manufactures other than going through this process.
  2. Here are pics of a new line installed (yes, they are 1"" lines) going to passenger front rear airbag and original line going to drivers side front airbag on '07 Monaco Dynasty.
  3. I'll try to followup with picture underneath of new and another original line. Original lines are black with crimped fittings and are cloth exterior, new (blue line above) is polyester with screw on fittings. Now I'm wondering how likely are the other large cloth lines that are crimped will fail in the near term or was this one just an anomaly. Any remarks of similar failures are welcome to know the frequency of failures of these type of lines. Mine are 12 yrs old (07 Dynasty). Thanks for all the help it is much appreciated.
  4. Didn't take a pic of old hose but this is the new hose I put on.
  5. 2007 Monaco Dynasty Just wanted to note what the resolution was to my problem with passenger side loosing air when sitting. Turned out it the cloth 1" airline going to one of the passenger front air bags (behind the wheel in my case) had a leak in it where the fitting was crimped. The only way to see it was to put the rv up on blocks and with mirrors and camera on phone capture the leak on the back side. Was able to get the line off (barely) with 1-1/4" and 1-1/8" wrenches and short 10" crescent wrenches that open up to same dimensions. Was able to get new hose made with screw on fittings at local Hydraulic Supply house ($130 for 6 foot hose with fittings) and almost as difficult to reinstall the line. Good news is it solved my problem, even though only one hose was leaking the two front air bags are connected through a small air tank with no valve to prevent both from going down and so once the front bags went down the rear passenger side went down also due to the weight compressing the rear bags. Thought they were leaking somewhere also but not the case. Hope this helps someone else and can short circuit their problem.
  6. Here is an image of what I have showing 3 leaks on manifold.
  7. There is an allen screw at front of manifold that is also leaking (attached). Is it just a plug or is there any springs or anything behind that I need to worry about if I remove to try and stop leak at that point. The literature I got shows only three (3)valves? not the four (4) valves on my manifold, what is the fourth for? Thanks for any help air manifold.rtf
  8. All I can tell you is power gear trueline leveling system is on touchpad. I don't have jacks all airbags. Yes, I need to get safety stands to hold it up and start at the manifolds and trace the lines and couplings.
  9. Have 07 Monaco Dynasty with valid air leveling system (no jacks) and entire passenger side deflates 4 or so inches within 15 to 20 minutes. Not able to find any leaks. In the travel mode the bags hold level without any loss. Any thoughts on where to look or what I should try to eliminate first?
  10. Bill, Thanks for your help. My ant is 2006 or 7 (coach is 2007). I do have the digital display and can manually set the zone I'm in and it will lock on satellite. My receiver has died so now directiv is sending me a new one so I better call them back and make sure it's a H24 or lower or the D12. Thanks again. Tim
  11. Will a Kingdome in motion satellite dish still work for directv or do I will I have to upgrade to a new dish if I want to use directv. Kingdome seems to take a long time to find satellite and changing channels causes Kingdome to search for new signal/satelite.
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